700 Year Old Sufi Dynasty of Historic Azimpur Chotta Dayera Sharif of Dhaka, Bangladesh


In the name of Almighty Allah,
The all Beneficent and the all Merciful

The eminence and the greatness of Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed Mohammad Dayem (RA) the greatest saint and Sufi of his time, came into lime light in the nineteenth century. He was one of the few saints of the high order in Bangladesh and the Indian sub-continent. The famous historical shrine of ‘Dayera Sharif’ situated at Azimpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh, was founded by him for continuous religious, spiritual, and humanitarian services to the mankind. What we find from the record is that from the paternal side, he is the descendant of Hazrat Ali (peace be on him) ; I.e. Alwi Syed and his wife was the descendant of Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique (RA), his fore-father Hazrat Bakhtiar Mahi Sawar, the leader of Baro Awlia (Leader of 12 Saints delegation), who happened to be grandson of the Gausal Azam Hazrat Sheikh Syed Mahiuddin Abdul Kader Jillani  popularly known as “Baro Peer Shaheb” I.e. Gausal Arab and Gausal Azam.

That is, the greatest leader guide of the spiritual leaders and the Muslim communities of the world. The great Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed Bakhtiar Mahi Sawar (RA) left Baghdad sharif more than seven centuries ago, riding on a fish and arrived at Chittagong, Bangladesh; and descended on a sandy bank of the river, which was on the South-East of present Karnafully Bridge, near about six miles off from Chittagong town. As he came riding on the back of a fish he is called “Mahi Sawar” or the rider on the fish. As he descended on hearing a divine sound “Ha-U-La-E” on the sand bank of that river, which means “that is the place”. Hence, the said place was called and is still known as “Hawola” and the said river as “Halda”. The descendants of that fish are still available in abundance in that river-Halda. When these fishes float on the surface of water of the river by rows, it creates a colorful miraculous scene to look at and they lay eggs at a particular time every year and Government of Bangladesh earns a big amount by selling the eggs of these varieties of fishes. People irrespective of caste, creed, and colour come from various places to see the scenery of the floating of the fishes by rows and laying of eggs at a particular time every year. Observing this, people think of the supernatural power of the saints of Almighty Allah.

Hazrat Bakhtiar Mahi Sawar left for Baghdad, the eldest son Syed Jahan left for Malayasia, where he got assignment as Professor of Theology (and contemporary languages) in the University of Malayasia at Kualalampur and present royal family, namely Tunku Abdur Rahman and Dr. Mahathir bin Mohammad, their relations trace their origin in Bakhtiar Mahi Sawar. Syed Zia, the 2nd son of Bakhtiar Mahi Sawar, left for Mecca leaving behind his son Syed Ashraf, who subsequently left for Mecca keeping his son Syed Akbar who confered all his spiritual power and responsibilities, like his predecessor to Syed Asgar and left for Mecca and Syed Asgar followed the foot-steps of his father, left for Mecca, shifting the responsibilities on the shoulder of his son Syed Amin. Before proceeding to Khaiara, Syed Amin left behind a glorious record of spiritual, religious and social services at Syedpur near Halda river, now the Upazila Boalkhali, in the district of Chittagong. Syedpur is the historic submerged land of the famous Halda river, where Hazrat Bakhtiar Mahi Sawar got down from the fish, and walked across the said bank of the river to Charandip. Now the whole area of Syedpur and Charandip has emerged as a big glorious island, where the inhabitants are never the less blessed with the contributions of the religious saints in the form of Schools, Colleges, and Madrashas and the said place is further illuminated with the Mazars of great spiritual saints and guides.

Halda River is a river in South-Eastern Bangladesh. It originates at the Badnatali Hill Ranges in Ramgarh Upazila in the Chittagong Hill Tracts, flows through Fatikchhari Upazila, Hathazari Upazila, Raozan Upazila and Chittagong Kotwali Thana, and falls into the Karnaphuli River. The 81 km long river has a very turbulent tributary, the Dhurung River, which joins Purba Dhalai about 48.25 km downstream. The river is navigable by big boats 29 km into it (up to Nazir Hat) and by small boats 16-24 km further (up to Narayanhat). The Halda river is also famous for breeding pure Indian carp. This is the only pure Indian carp breding field of Bangladesh, perhaps in South Asia.

Syed Amin (RA) left Halda for Khaiara in Feni District with his sons namely 1. Syed Walesuddin 2. Syed Md. Hayat and 3. Syed Dost Mohammed and Allah bestowed him with the 4th son like Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed Md. Dayem (RA) at Khaiara and thereafter he proceeded towards Mecca. The Great saint left some Wazifa (Spiritual guide of saints) with his wife for the youngest son Hazrat Shah Sufi Mohammed Dayem (RA), while in the womb of his mother from the very childhood Sufi Dayem became devote of the chief of spiritual leader of Chittagong namely the great Hazrat Shah Sufi Amanat Ullah (RA) and served him for many years and thereby acquired vast spiritual knowledge and training during that period service. Once the chief of Awlia the great Hazrat Shah Sufi Amanat Ullah (RA) after performing Morning Prayer while sitting with his pupils, fully absorbed in thoughts all on a sudden cried out saying “just now an old woman snatched away a child from the breast of his mother”. On hearing the same all associates present became very much anxious to know “what had happened”. But on the contrary, the great Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed Mohammed Dayem (RA) thought for moment and thereafter submitted “Reverend guide, I have returned the child to his mother.”

The actual fact of the above mentioned incident was hat an old woman of Sandwip, which is near about 35 miles away from Chittagong town, cut a green gourd from a plant and the chief of Awlia Hazrat Shah Sufi Amanat Ullah (RA) viewed the same through his spiritual eye but the aforesaid pupil and devotee who had acquired vast spiritual knowledge, put back the green gourd to the tree through his spiritual power.

Having observed application of such vast spiritual power of his aforesaid pupil and devotee before his spiritual guide he was annoyed and became very much angry and uttered “Dayem, how you have dared to show such spiritual power before me?” As soon as the great Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed Mohammed Dayem (RA) heard the aforesaid utterance, then and there he lost his sense, power of speech and all the spiritual power. In spite of the repeated apology tendered by him, the great Hazrat Shah Amanat Ullah (RA) did not accept it.

Thereafter, Hazrat Shah Sufi Sayed Mohammed Dayem (RA) roamed about and travelled across various jungles, deserts, and Khanqas (Sufi Dargahs) of undivided India for a long time and met with many saints, but got nothing from them. During the course of movement he came to learn from one saint. He was great saint at the time in the name of Hazrat Rasulnama Benarasi hand been residing at Benares in India. While he was proceeding by boat towards Benares in search of the aforesaid said saint and when he reached Mithanghat of the district of Patna in then the British India, again heard that a famous saint named Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed Munaem Khasru (RA) was shaving his beard and mustaches and having seen him in such state he was thinking in his mind. “Is he the said saint about whom I have heard? While he was thinking like that in his mind, Hazrat Syed Munaem Khasru (RA) put his own mirror in front of his face and he was astonished to see that there was no trace any beard or mustaches on his face. At his stage, Hazrat Munaem Khasru (RA) smiled and put the mirror again before him, then he saw that his own face was full of beard and mustaches. Thereafter, Hazrat Syed Mohammed Dayem (RA) was very much ashamed of such as wishful thinking and tendered apology before him and further sought permission to stay there. On hearing his submission, the great Hazrat Munaem Khasru (RA) replied saying “what would you get from me? It will be better for you to go to Hazrat Rasulnama Benerasi”. But Hazrat Syed Mohammed Dayem (RA) again submitted to the spiritual guide, “I will not go to Rasulnama” as I have already got the guidelines here, as such there is no necessity for me to go to Rasulnama or anywhere. I am very much grateful to Almighty Allah, as I have got the saint form I have roamed about”. On hearing the above reply Hazrat Munaem Khasru (RA) asked his pupils, who were present there, to take him away and to bring him back after bath and dressing. As  per direction, the pupils compiled  with the same and brought him again before him. Thereafter, Hazrat Munaem Khasru (RA) gave him Tawajjuh (Spiritual Care) and thereafter he got back all he had lost. Hazrat Syed Mohammed Dayem (RA) stayed there for a period of about 12 years to achieve knowledge in all the five Tariqas (Sufi Orders) viz. lines of Qadiria, Muneimia, Chistia, Abu Ulaia and Madria and also achieved success in all the Tariqas (Sufi orders) and got Khilafat (Representative status) from him to teach the people. It will not be out of place to mention here, that the writer of this history had the opportunity to visit the Mazar Sharif (Shrine) of Hazrat Sufi Munaem Khasru (RA) in Patna along with the Sufi Saint of Choto Dayera Sharif, Hazrat Shah Sufi Dayemullah (RA), on the 11th June, 1979 and also to see the Khanqa-e-Munaemia with their own eyes.

When Hazrat Shah Sufi Mohammed Dayem (RA) achieved the vast spiritual knowledge in all the Tariqas (Sufi Orders) Hazrat Shah Sufi Munaem Khasru (RA) directed him to go back to his country and to teach the people there. But he requested Hazrat Munaem Khasru (RA) to impart him more knowledge of spirituality. In reply, he advised him to go back to the residence of his previous Sufi and Spiritual leader, he great Hazrat Shah Sufi Amanat Ullah (RA) from whom he would get the rest. H was instructed to tender apology before him, as the blessings for the pupils and the followers rest in the hands of their Peers (Spiritual Guide/Sufi). After long talk and conversation he left for Chittagong in Bangladesh and appeared before that great Hazrat Shah Sufi Amanat Ullah (RA). Having seen such a devotee and pupil, after a long time, the great Hazrat Shah Sufi Amanat Ullah (RA) embraced him and under his direction all the Khadems present there cut fruits and brought before him in a plate. Thereafter, the great Hazrat Shah Sufi Amanat Ullah (RA) asked his son, son-in-law and the great Hazrat Shah Sufi Mohammed Dayem (RA) began to eat the fruits from the plate alone, because he saw that all the blessings lie within through his spiritual power. But his son, and son-in-law refused to eat with him and uttered with hate, “let your Dayem Eat alone”. But the great Hazrat Shah Sufi Amanat Ullah (RA) repeatedly, asked them to eat at least something from the plate, but they did not pay any heed to it, rather on the contrary, again said, “Let your Dayem be allowed to eat all the fruits and we will not eat with him anything from that plate”. Hazrat Amanat Ullah (RA) Said, “Dayem, I had kept blessings for many persons in those fruits, but you alone ate all the fruits,” In reply, Great Sufi Hazrat Mohammed Dayem (RA) kissed his feet and submitted, “By the grace of the Almighty Allah, your Khadem Dayem shall keep aloft your flag and further requested to award him more spiritualism and blessings”. Then the great Hazrat Shah Sufi Amanat Ullah (RA) said, “I have nothing more to give you and you have got everything from me what I had and Allah will make arrangement for my heirs.” He further added, “on my death perform all funeral rites etc,. go to the place of my Peer (Spiritual guide) at Lakshmi Bazar Miah Shaheb Maidan, Dhaka to render services there and learn something more from the present Sajjada-Nashin Peer (Spiritual Guide) and you would surely get more things, which are kept reserved for you.” Thereafter the great Hazrat Shah Sufi Amanat Ullah (RA) left for eternity on the 30th Zilqud, 1187, (Inna-llaha-wa-inna-Elaihe-raziun). As per his advice after completion of the funeral rites etc, he left for Dhaka, Bangladesh and reached Khanqa Rahimia, situated at Lakshmi Bazar and learnt that Hazrat Shah Sufi Abdur Rahim Rahid (RA) had already left for eternal peace on the 9th Ramadan, 1158 Hizri and his nephew Hazrat Shah Sufi Nazimuddin (RA) his successor, awarded him with the blessings kept reserved for him and thereafter said, “I had been waiting for a saint like you, Now I hereby direct you to proceed towards the jungle of Azimpur, where a non-Muslim named Ram Das Alias Ram Shadhu resides and the name of his Ashram were known as Rambagh. The said Shadhu through his hypnotic and mesmeric power had been controlling the tigers, snakes and all the ferocious animals of the jungles. By riding on a tiger and with a snake around his neck, he moved here and there and thereby he was polluting the faith of the Muslims residing all around. You are hereby directed to go there and to tackle him by your extra-ordinary supernatural spiritual power”.

Thereafter he fixed the jurisdiction and directed that, “From here you will go to straight to the west, where you will see a mosque (now the same is known as Khan Mohammed’s Mosque), After that when you will go ahead towards North you will see another two storied mosque near the old grave yard. The aforesaid Shadhu resided between these two mosque. After reaching the place, creates a Dayera (Circle or encircled area) for your habitation and spiritual attainments and for services to humanity. Whereby the inhabitants of the locality, specially the Muslims may be saved from the hypnotic and mesmeric effect of Shahdhu. By the grace of Almighty Allah, none will be able to harm you within that “Dayera” or in other words “area encircled”.

After giving the above advice, he further taught him the process of reading Sura Yasin, Sura Muzammel, Hizbul Baher etc. and also accorded permission to teach others and thereafter taught the rules and process of the demarcation and encircling of the area concerned, where he was destined to reside. Having got the permission of reading various Surahs of the Holy Quran as stated above he committed to memory, learnt and wrote down the same in his own hand writing. These were afterwards received by his descendants from generation to generation and are being preserved by the Spiritual Guide (Peer) the spiritual leader of Choto Dayera Sharif Hazrat Shah Sufi DayemUllah (RA) and out of the said manuscripts a photo copy of Shajra (List of Ascending Spiritual guides) included a book “Ainum-Zaira” written by Hazrat Shah Sufi Ahmadullah (RA) one of the spiritual guide of Khanqa-e Rahimia situated at Miah Shaheb Maidan Dhaka of Bangladesh. Under the direction as mentioned above Hazrat Shah Sufi Mohammed Dayem (RA) having said his prayer in Khan’s Mosque started proceeding towards the two storied Mosque of Azimpur, he heard the ringing of the bells of a Puja Mandap of Rambagh and guessed the existence of the “Ashram” of the Shadhu nearby. Then he reached the two storied mosque and he said his prayer in a quiet atmosphere and thereafter demarcated and encircled the area of the jungle as per directives of his spiritual guide and began to reside near the “Ashram” of the said Shadhu. At the time of Esha prayer, Azan was pronounced by his pupil Shah Mari (now taking eternal rest at Azimpur Old grave yard), who continued pronouncing Azan Daily at the time of every prayer. On hearing the melodious sound of Azan, the aforesaid Shahdu thought that some Muslims might have come reside permanently in the jungle. He planned to drive him away with his hypnotic and mesmeric power and with this ulterior motive he rode on a tiger with a snake around his neck and another in his hand in order to approach the resting place of Hazrat Shah Sufi Mohammed Dayem (RA) I.E. the heap of the earth, where he used to say his prayers. On seeing the Shadhu coming towards his direction, the pupil of Shah Mari brought the news to the notice of Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed Mohammed Dayem (RA). On getting the said information Sufi Mohammed Dayem (RA) said to the heap on the earth, “you are also creation of the Almighty Allah, when Shahdhu is coming to show the power his hypnotic and mesmeric power, riding on a tiger with a snake around; you should also proceed to show to show the power of Almighty Allah.” At these words he heap of the earth began to proceed towards the aforesaid Shadhu and on seeing this the tiger of the Shadhu cried out loudly and fell down on the ground and thereafter fleed away into the jungle and the snake also disappeared. The Shadhu fainted, fell down on the ground and lost sense. When he came to his senses, he surrendered before him and tendered apology and submitted, “Sir you are a perfect saint of the Almighty Allah. I had been living in this jungle for a long time. In order to attain mesmeric and hypnotic power I used to burn woods only to sustain heat without chances of escape by fastening legs with the branches of the trees up and with the head down-wards and continued in this fashion till the fire was extinguished by the sweet of my body. In this way I acquired power to control the ferocious animals of the jungle and having seen my said power, people irrespective of caste and creed used to come to me from different places for my blessings, Sir, Animals used to listen to me and I had control over them, but I have no control over lifeless earth. I know that none have any power to control all the creation of Allah except the saints of Allah. Please forgive me and accept my apology and allow me to reside here as your hostage”.

Thereafter, on hearing the above submission of the Shadhu Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed Mohammed Dayem (RA) accepted his prayer and allowed him to stay there and told him that his residence would not be harmed or disturbed in any way and further told that, “You are henceforth restrained from moving with the animals and ringing the bells of Puja Mandap at the time of prayers”.

The shadhu agreed to all the terms and accordingly began to live there. The aforesaid miraculous events, incidents and happenings in front of the Shadhu were circulated all around and when Hazrat Shah Noori (RA) was sitting Sajjada Nashin of Khanqa Sharif of Babu Pura Shah Shah Shaheb Bari situated in the eastern side of the present new market felt that another saint had come within his jurisdiction. Thereafter called his Khadem and handed over a bowl of water and said, “A saint has come in the Azimpur Jungle. I have heard much more about him please go to him with this bowl of water. Accordingly, the Khadem went to him with that bowl of water to Azimpur jungle, when learnt on query from the Khadem about Hazrat Shah Sufi Noori (RA) then and there fot up and ran to the jungle and picked up a flower from a tree and put the same in the bowl of water and then said to the Khadem “Go back and convey my respect to my elder brother”. Thereafter the Khadem went back to Hazrat Shah Sufi Noori (RA) with the flower in the bowl of water. Having observed the position he said “I shall leave this place”. Every one present there was astonished on hearing the above words from the mouth of Peer Shaheb and enquired as to what happened? Then Hazrat Shah Noori (RA) explained to them, “A new Wali-e-Kamel (Saint) has come in the Azimpur Jungle, which is within my jurisdiction. He has defeated a Hindu saint with the help of his supernatural spiritual power. I, further, examined him through the rules of spiritual power viz. by sending a bowl of water, which means why has come to die in a area, which is within my jurisdiction. He also replied the same through the rules spiritual power.”

A straw or a flower does not sik in the sea except heavy things. He is just like a flower, which will remain floating in the sea under my jurisdiction. He further conveyed his best respect to me and showed respect as his elder brother. He is not inferior to me. So it is not wise for two powerful tigers to reside in the same jungle. Since he showed his best respect to me as his elder brother I must show my sympathy and affection for him as my younger brother as per rules prescribed by Holy Prophet. In view of the above situation and thereby handed over the charge of my jurisdiction to him and leave this house.

Thereafter, he left that place and went to the Khanqa Sharif situated at Magh bazaar, Dhaka. This Khanqa was established by him and from that time on-wards his descendants have been living there. Of course, some of his descendants are still living at Babu Pura. Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed Mohammed Dayem (RA) married at Azimpur and he had two sons and one daughter.

A very important point to be noted that, there are no Spiritual training nor teachings of Sufism or Khanqah Sharif existent at the Shrine of Moghbazar, Babu Pura near New Market nilkhet of Baghu Dewan Khanqah sharif completely destroyed by so-called modern descendants of both the Khanqas, accordingly they are involved in immoral activities. Faize Mohammadi Ahmadullah and Anwarullah, son of Erfan uddin, Moghbazar the adopted Son of His Eminency Dr. Alam currently declared them abandoned, but they are forcibly staying at the Chotto Dayera Sharif by influence of devil Saleha Khatun and looting the Dayemi Complex and Sufi Nurullah Waqf estate. There are several criminal and civil cases had been started against them to curb down their immoral activities in the court of law. A so-called Jewish converted Muslim Deen Greenburgh German migrated USA citizen patronizing them to fight with His Eminency Dr. Alam. But the reality of truth shall dominate in time Inshallah.

Succession list of Spiritual Guides of Chotto Dayera Sharif

In the name of Almighty Allah,
The all Beneficent and the all Merciful

  1. Harat Shah Sufi Syed Mohammed Dayem (RA) (Founder of Dayera Sharif)
  2. Hazrat Shah Sufi Rowshan Ali (RA) (Son-in-law & Chief Khalifa of Sufi Syed Mohammed Dayem (RA))
  3. Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed Ahmedullah (RA) Eldest son of Sufi Syed Mohammed Dayem (RA)
  4. Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed Waziullah (RA) Eldest son of Sufi Syed AhmedUllah (RA)
  5. Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed Quyemullah (RA) the Second son of Sufi Ahmedullah (RA)
  6. Hazrat Shah Sufi  Syed NurUllah (RA) the youngest son of Sufi Ahmedullah (RA)
  7. Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed Abu Mohammed ObaidUllah (RA) the son of Sufi NurUllah (RA)
  8. Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed AzmatUllah (RA) the Son of Syed Sufi NurUllah (RA)
  9. Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed DayemUllah (RA) The Grand son and Khalif of Azmatullah (RA) through his son Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed Abu Musa Kalimullah (RA)
  10. His Eminency Dr. Hazrat Shah Sufi M N Alam (MA) (Chief Khalifa of Sufi DayemUllah (RA) & current custodian of Azimpur Chotto Dayera Sharif)
  11. Faize Harmayen Syed Khalilullah 2nd son of His Eminency Dr. Alam, grandson of Sufi Dayemullah (RA) bestowed by His Eminency Dr. Alam as 44th successor 8th Khalif and custodian of 700 years old Sufi Dynasty Azimpur Chotto Dayera Sharif, Dayemi Complex Bangladesh Sufi Nurullah Waqf estate, effect March 2nd 2010.


In the name of Almighty Allah,
The all Beneficent and the all Merciful

Sufi Syed Mohammed Dayem (RA) while sitting in the Boro Dayera Sharif 44, Azimpur Dahaka, created separate Khanqah adjacent to his own Khanqah Sharif, which is currently popularly known as Chotto Dayera Sharif, for his Son-in-Law Shah Sufi Rowshan Ali (RA) after imparting full spiritual training. Since the sons of Sufi Syed Mohammad Dayem (RA) were minors, when he was breathing his last, Shah Sufi Rowshan Ali (RA) had to take care of both the Khanqah Sharifs (Spiritual Training Center) and the sons of Sufi Syed Mohammed Dayem (RA). Sufi Rowshan Ali (RA) guided and trained them Spirituality and Sufism. Upon completion of training Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed Ahmadullah (RA) was entrusted with the responsibility of Boro Dayera Sharif by Sufi Rowshan Ali (RA) and thereafter he left for eternity. Shah Sufi Syed Laqiutullah (RA) along with Sufi Nurullah (RA) son of Shah Sufi Syed Ahmedullah (RA) had received and completed spiritual training and guidance under Sufi Syed Ahmedullah (RA). Later upon their completion of Spiritual and Sufi training, Sufi Syed Ahmadullah (RA) was pleased to put his younger brother Shah Sufi Syed Laqiutullah (RA) in charge of the Boro Dayera Sharif and his son Sufi NurUllah (RA) given the responsibility to manage Khanqah-E Chotto Dayera Sharif as well as thereafter, Sufi Syed Ahmadullah (RA) had left for eternal peace.

Hazrat Shah Sufi LaqiutUllah (RA) had created three more Khanqah Sharif within Boro Dayera Shair for his three sons, who received and completed spiritual training and guidance under him. His three son names as follows: Shah Sufi Syed Waliullah (RA), Shah Sufi Syed Safiullah (RA) and Shah Sufi Syed Hafizullah (RA), they continued their impart of spiritual training and services for the betterment of humanity and mankind from their three respective spiritual Khanqah within Boro Dayera Sharif. Thereafter, Shah Sufi Syed Safullah (RA) left Sahajadpur in the district of Pabna wherein he created spiritual Khanqah for the propagation of Islam and spiritual training and guidance. The said Khanqah is known as Shayedpur Dayera Bari in the district of Pabna and his descendents are rendering spiritual services from Khanqah. Shah Sufi Syed Waliullah (RA) was succeeded by his son Shah Sufi Syed KhalillUllah (RA) and Shah Sufi Syed Laqiutullah (RA) succeeded his father-shah Sufi Syed Khalilullah (RA). Sons of Shah Syed Laqiutullah (RA) Sufi Waliullah (RA)  and Shah Sufi Syed Fazlullah (RA) given responsibility of Motowalli and Sajjada Nashin of Boro Dayera Sharif by turn succeeded their father Shah Sufi Syed Laqiutullah (RA). Shah Sufi Syed Munaem (RA) grandson of Shah Sufi Syed Khalillullah (RA) through his 1st Son Shah Sufi Syed Wajhiullah (RA) received religious training from Shah Sufi Laqiutullah (RA) and rendered religious duties as care taker of Boro Dayera sharif in the absence of Shah Sufi Syed Fazlullah (RA) the former Sajjada Nashin.

Shah Sufi Syed Hafizullah (RA) son of Shah Sufi Syed Laqiutullah (RA) combined in him all the qualities of his grand father the great Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed Mohammad Dayem (RA) the founder of Dayera Sharif. Shah Sufi Syed Hafizullah (RA) the greatest spiritual guide of his time, rendered spiritual guide of his disciples, who were nevertheless great spiritual guides in the Sub-Continents and South East Asia. Because of his great Spiritual attainments Nawab Faizunnessa of Laksham, Comilla the only lady Nawab of the Sub-Continent, put her sister Begum Latifunnessa in marriage with him. He left behind his son Shah Sufi Syed Obaidullah (RA) the great Spiritual guide and Qutub of Dhaka city. Shah Sufi Syed Mahamoodullah (RA) and spiritual guide and scholar died as bachelor while student of Calcutta Alia Madrasha soon after the demise of his father. Daughter Syeda Masooda Begum was weded to Syed Mohammed Latiful Hoque of Paschimgoan, Nawab Faizunnessa family of Laksham, Comilla is the descendent of Hazrat Syed Nasiruddin Sipah Shalar (Chief of Spiritual staff of the great Shah Jalal) the greatest religious and spiritual leader of Chotto Dayera Sharif, in the time of the great Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed Dayemullah (RA) of Chotto Dayera Sharif, His Chief Khalif His Eminency Dr. Hazrat Shah Sufi M N Alam had established an Orphanage and Madrasha with the full co-operation and active support of Mr. Syed Mohibul Hasan, a former state Minister of the Government of Bangladesh in the year 1981 in Sunaru Ghat/Murar Bondh near the Holy Shrine of Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed Nasiruddin Sipah Shalar (RA).

Eldest Son – Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed Ahmadullah (RA)

Youngest Son – Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed Laqiutullah (RA)

Daughter – Begum Shah Sufi Rowshan Ali (RA)

Hazrat Shah Sufi Rowshan Ali (RA) Chief Minister of Mughal Empire, Son-In-Law of Hazrat Shah Sufi Mohammed Dayem (RA)

In the name of Almighty Allah,
The all Beneficent and the all Merciful

Brief History as Chief Minister of Mughal Empire

Around the time of Sultan Azhar ud-din Muhammad Azim Mirza, Azim us-Shan Bahadur (December 15, 1664 – March 18, 1712) was the third son of Mughal emperor Bahadur Shah I, by his second wife, Maharajkumari Amrita Bai Sahiba. He was the grandson of Emperor Aurungzeb. The chief Minister of Emperor Azim-us-shan once had a dream for the cure of his disease known as “Leprosy”, please note that at the of Azim-us-Shan there were no cure for such a disease. The Chief Minister Rowshan Ali’s (RA) dream was that, “He must meet with the Great Sufi Saint Hazrat Syed Mohammed Dayem (RA) a direct descendant of Prophet Mohammad (SM) in the Jungle of Dhaka”. Accordingly, the Prime Minister had resigned and started his road to Journey towards the jungle of Dhaka, but keeping his identity of being a Prime Minister secret to the Sufi Saint Shah Syed Mohammed (RA), founder of Dayera Sharif. After meeting the great Sufi, he did not ask any questions but he was given the special duty to clean and worship as well as cook of the kitchen for the visitors of Sufi Syed Mohammed Dayem (RA), he had continued his duty which he thought of having a very simple job, but he can live with very much peace in mind and also he was cured from mysterious disease at the time by the 12 years of service in Spirituality. Finally, one day Sufi Syed Mohammed Dayem (RA), had designated him as his Chief Khalifa of Dayera Sharif also presented Sufi Mohammed Dayem’s (RA) noble daughter to Sufi Rowshan Ali (RA).

At that time, Sufi Rowshan Ali (RA) communicated with the Mughal Emperor and convinced the Azim-us-Shan to established the Mosque and Khanqa Sharif to teach the spirituality and Sufism. Accordingly, the Emperor Azim-us-Shan had donated a One Square Mile in the Jungle Area of Dhaka for Dayera Sharif, which later known as Azimpur Area in the geographical city map of Dhaka. But unfortunately on current days that given land is completely sold out by the current so-called Motowalli of Boro Dayera Sharif and Marrige registrar of Manik Gonj, who is also a collaborator of Bangladeshi Liberation Movement in 1971, he was accused of the murdering several Dhaka University senior intellectuals. The part of the Chotto Dayera Sharif of Azimpur Dhaka Bangladesh is currently getting destroyed and occupied by a so-called “syeda” Saleha Khatun as well as abandoned wife of Hazrat Sufi DayemUllah (RA) along with her brothers Mir Haji Ofa-ul-Khondokar, Mir Owali-ul-Hoque Khondokar and Shujon Khondokar as well as Step brother of Syed Dayemullah (RA), Syed Basharut Ullah, including daughter of Sufi DayemUllah (RA) Rokeya Begum as well as her uncle Syed Nur Ullah.

His Eminency Dr. Hazrat M N Alam the seventh Khalif and Custodian of Chotto Dayera Shairf had rebuilt and reconstructed the historic Azimpur’s Chotta Dayera Sharif Mosque and inaugurated by Justice Abdus Sattar, former President of Bangladesh, Justice Abu Syed Chowdhury, 1st President of Bangladesh along with the Chief Imam and Chief Justice of Holy Makkah-tul-Makkarrama. More detailed information are listed separate part of the book.

Azimpur is an old neighbourhood in the old part of Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh. The region is named after Shahzada Azam, son of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. Other accounts attribute the name to Azim-us-Shaan, the Nayeb-e-Nazim of Dhaka during the early 1700s.

Hazrat Shah Sufi Rowshan Ali (RA) The First Sajjada Nashin (Spiritual Guide) of Chotto Dayera Sharif

Hazrat Shah Sufi Rowshan Ali (RA) was the Prime Minister to the Mughal Emperor of Delhi. He was a very pious man. As he was suffering from leprosy he left no stone unturned to get a physician or spiritual healer, who could cure his disease but in vain. Finding no other way he submitted Almighty Allah and humbly concentrated in prayer and to his utter surprise he dreamed of a Great Saint living in the deepest Jungle in the District of Dhaka near the Redport of Mughal Heritage, on that very night. And he wished, if he could go there, his skin disease would be cured and, he would achieve vast spiritual knowledge from him. After this he tendered his resignation from the service of the Mughal Emperor Azim-Ush-Shaan Grandson of Powerful Mughal Emperor Aurongojeb, and left Delhi for Dhaka in very simple way hiding his original identity as Chief Minister of Mughal Empire, He reached there without any delay and on arriving there, appeared before Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed Mohammed Dayem (RA) founder of Dayera Sharif and devoted himself to his service. In order to please his Spiritual Teacher (Saint) during Tahajjat Prayer (the night time prayer from 12 to night early morning), he use to clean, deodorize with fresh fragrance and illuminate the bathroom for which the great Sufi was very pleased to see his devotion.

The former prime Minister of Mughal Emperor stayed there for about 12 years and rendered services to his spiritual guide. Due to his devotion and achievement of vast spiritual knowledge in Sufism, the great saint Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed Mohammed Dayem (RA) was very much pleased and satisfied with him and having found fitness and the ability of teaching the people on Sufism, he awarded the Khilafat and blessed him with all spiritual power also thereafter got his only daughter married to him. After the performance of the marriage ceremony according to Shariat, Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed Mohammed Dayem (RA) laid down the foundation of another Dayera Sharif now Known and called as “Historic Chotto Dayera Sharif” on the Western Side of Dayera Sharif or in other words the place where the present Chotto Dayera Sharif is now situated and further directed his son-in-law and Khalifa Hazrat Shah Sufi Rowshan Ali (RA) to reside there with his family and to teach his people. The Great Saint further directed him to construct and build a new Mosque on the South West of the said Dayera Sharif that is the place where the present Mosque is situated. From that time Hazrat Shah Sufi Rowshan Ali (RA) was recognized and called as “Chotto Huzur” in presence of founder of Dayera Sharif and the Dayera Sharif where he sat and taught the students is called and known as “Chotto Dayera Sharif”.

On the direction of the great saint, Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed Mohammed Dayem (RA) he constructed the Mosque on the South West of Dayera Sharif in the year 1224 hizri and in the foundation stone of the said Mosque the following Persian poem was inscribed there, which also proves the above fact. The said poem reads as follows:

“Abduho Rowshan Ali Zar-O-Nezar

Yaft-Az Dayem O Ahmed Ekhtedar

Shakht Ein Masjid-E-Jannat Nagar

Dar Hazar-O-Do-Sad-O-Beist-O-Chahar”

The gist of the poem is that, “Rowshan Ali got the power and authority from the Great Saint Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed Mohammed Dayem (RA) and also from the Holy Prophet and this presiding Mosque was built in the year 1224 Hijri.

The abovementioned poem written by the Mughal Emperor Azim-Ush-Shan’s prime minister and chief Khalifa of Hazrat Sufi Syed Dayem (RA), founder of Azimpur Dayera Sharif build the Chotto Dayera Shairf and he wrote the above poem encrypted in a rare black stone, which is still existent in the Chotto Dayera Sharif Historic Dayemia Shahi Jam-E-Mosque 42/2 Azimpur Chotto Dayera Sharif. When His Eminency Dr. Alam reconstructed the Mosque he placed the black stone in the main door of the upper level of Shahi-E-Jam Mosque (first floors upper level).

It will not be out of place to mention here that the said Mosque had been enlarged and reconstructed by Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed DayemUllah (RA) in the Year 1397 Hijri. When the Great Saint Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed Mohammed (RA) left this world in the year 1214 Hijri at that time his two sons named as Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed AhmedUllah and Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed LaqiutUllah (RA) and at the time of Great Sufi’s departure from Earth to Heaven, they were minors. As they were minors, Hazrat Shah Sufi Rowshan Ali (RA) was appointed guardian of them by the Great Sufi Saint. So, He use look after their affairs including their teachings in all subjects. At the same time Sufi Rowshan Ali (RA) managed both the Dayera Sharifs, including teaching other students in Sufism. He left for eternal Peace in the year 1224 (Hijri) without any health implications. Sufi Rowshan Ali (RA) also never had any children, he was buried in the Boro Dayera Sharif, in the same compound of Founder of Dayera Sharif holding# 44, Azimpur Road, Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh.

Thereafter, Shah Sufi Ahmedullah (RA) had to look after both the Spiritual Center, Boro Dayera Sharif and Chotto Dayera Sharif. In the meantime he taught and trained his younger brother Shah Sufi Laqiutullah (RA) who was deputed for spiritual duties in Boro Dayera sharif. Later, also trained and deputed his eldest Son Shah Sufi Syed Waziullah (RA) to ascend the spiritual seat of Chotto Dayera Sharif as per instructions of the founder of Dayera Sharif. After blessing his younger brother and son, Shah Sufi LaqiutUllah (RA) & Shah Sufi Waziullah (RA) to their responsibilities, Hazrat Shah Sufi Ahmedullah (RA) left for eternal peace at very early age, he was buried in the dome of Boro Dayera Sharif next to his Father and Sister-in-law.

Brief of Great Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed NurUllah (RA)

In the name of Almighty Allah,
The all Beneficent and the all Merciful

Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed Nurullah (RA) acquired vast religious and spiritual knowledge and became the best Religious & Islamic Scholar and a great saint of his time. As he read the Holy Quran and researched hadis in Delhi, India in the time of Mughal Emperor Azim-ush-Shan grandson of Great Emperor Aurongojeb. So he had earned the glory of being the best religious scholar of his time. Further after achieving vast knowledge, he returned home and succeeding to the spiritual throne of Chotto Dayera Sharif. All his properties were made Waqf property with the Government of Bangladesh EC# 10355 for the development of Historic Chotto Dayera Sharif Dayemiya Shah-E-Jam-E Mosque, and maintenance and he became the first Mutuwalli as founder of it. There after to perform Hajj, he left Dhaka and on the village Chandar, in the district of Manikganj by his Spiritual power he converted a powerful Hindu Zamidar of that area into Islam. People irrespective of caste and creed used to come to learn and acquire knowledge of Islam and Sufism. While he was preaching Islam died a premature death in the village Chandar. His Shrine is situated there. To pay a rich tribute to his memory, in commeration of Sufi NurUllah (RA) His Eminency Dr. Hazrat M N Alam Chief Khadem of  Chotto Dayera Sharif has founded and established a Madrasha and Sufi NurUllah Orphanage there in his name called “Nuria Hafezia Madrasha and Sufi Nurullah Orphanage” in the year 1977. After his death his son Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed Azmatullah (RA) succeeded him and ascended the Spiritual throne of Chotto Dayea Sharif. He was buried in Chandor Gor para, Post office village District Manikgong.

The Great Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed Azmatullah (RA)

In the name of Almighty Allah,
The all Beneficent and the all Merciful

Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed Azmatullah (RA) was  a great saint of his time, who succeeded to the spiritual throne of Chotto Dayera Sharif. After the death of his father, he also became the Mutuwalli of the Waqf Estate created by his aforesaid father, which was known as “Nurullah Waqf Estate”. He visited many places of Chittagong, Comilla and Noakhali districts and preached Islam there. Many of his disciples are still alive in Bangladesh. His son Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed Abu Musa Kalimullah (RA) predeceased him. As such he had to train and teach his grandson Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed Dayemullah (RA) and in fact taught him Sufism and also acquainted him with the religious teachings. He, further, was nominated as Mutuwalli as well as the successor of the Spiritual throne of Chotto Dayera Sharif. Sufi Syed Abu Musa Kalimullah (RA) breathed his last on Friday the 25th of Shaban 1362 Hijri at the age of 110 years (Inna-lillahe-Wa-inna-Ilahi-razi  woon).

Even he was a Great Sufi Saint, but in his lifetime, he could not do anything for the development of Historic Chotto Dayera Sharif’s Dayemiya Shahi Jam E Mosque, he also couldn’t establish a single Islamic Education center in his life time. But he did establish some Khanqas in Ibrahim Pur, Nabi Nagar, B-Baria. His Eminency Dr. Hazrat Shah Sufi M N Alam in 1977 had established a Dayemi Complex Project at Ibrahim Pur Sufiyabad in commemoration of Sufi Azmatullah (RA) to establish one the biggest Orphang in Bangladesh also known as Sufi Azmatullah Orphange and Sufi Azmatullah Senior Madrasah by spending billions of Taka in the time of Sufi Dayemullah (RA).

His shrine is situated near the Mosque of Chotto Dayera Sharif. Before his eternal rest he told that his aforesaid grandson is a saint by Birth (Madarzat Wali). During his life time and after his death many miraculous stories pertaining to him spread here and there. He had extraordinary spiritual power.

Some Remarkable Glorious Events of Hazrat Shah Sufi Azmatullah (RA)

When the entire universe is infested with bloody war, arsen, plunder, oppression, tyranny, the devotees and saints relying on this scientific teaching of the Holy Quran, look forward towards the almighty Allah for his mercy and guidance while the entire world has turned to be furnace of hatred, and divine brilliance and bright heavenly light, focusing the straight heavenly path as against the infinite darkness whence people can trade for the wealth of the blessings of Almighty Allah.

Surah “Rum” being the harbinger of the historic even of the Holy Quran can be taken as the foreteller of Premonitions. The Qurraish Dynasty, the infidel and non-believers for their momentary victory over the Muslims, began to oppress the Muslims apparently week, with various ridicules, insults and mental tortures. At that time the omniscient and all knowing indicates the great victory of the Romans in Europe and the Fall of Roman Civilization.

  1. Alif, Lum, Meem
  2. The Romans have been defeated in the nearer land and they, after their defeat will be victorious.
  3. Within ten years – Allah is the command in the former case and in the latter – and in that day believers will rejoice In Allah’s help to victory. He helped to victory whom he will, He is the mighty and the merciful.

This prediction, when turned into reality after removing all doubts and hesitation with all coverage in the pages of history, then the people at large including elites of the area were delighted beyond expectation. The Holy Quran was once more accepted as embodiment of God’s Order and ordains.

In the absence of any measuring rode for the assessment of the respected mankind, the best of Allah’s creation the holy Quran bears the final and highest remark about mankind. It has been clearly defined that “Man is the representative of Allah on Earth”. So in the light of the above Quranic observation Men in general being endowed with the above quality as representative of Allah is placed at stage where modesty becomes paraphernalia of Allah are bestowed on Earth. The mankind being blessed with the qualities of “Rabubiat” the saintly characters and noble souls are always engaged in the same their endeavor to attain the preserve the same.

So in this atomic age of science, when men have invented the space shuttles or rockets, which are travelling from one planet to the other culminating the cultural heritage of this material World, there is another spiritual world, which has been successfully conquered by the people who are engrossed in Metaphysics of Sufism, because men have been created with matter and soul, which emanates from Allah.

On twentieth Century, it can be safely described as the age of the highest intellectual supremacy and there is no denial to the above fact. So, when we find that many intellectual giants are siding with the disbelievers; then we are bound to believe that Allah has sealed their hearts, covered their eyes and otherwise why they will associate themselves with the learned vicious circles.

That is why when according to Mr. Malthus experiment we find that all matters are indestructible, simultaneously we also find in the Holy Quran the declaration of the immortality of the souls.

For the disbelievers the verse of Surah “Anam” is sufficient; which states, “And though we should send down Angels unto them and the dead should speak unto them and we should gather against them all things array, they would not believe unless Allah so willed, how be it most of them are ignorant”

As all matter are indestructible, so they are transformed from one from to another, according to the theory of Mr. Dalton regarding molecules; in the same way the immortal soul leaves this material world for the eternity according to Quran.

Thus it means that when the soul leaves for eternal voyage, still it acts according to the will of the Almighty Allah and remains alive.

We can correctly and accurately come to know from the great Holy Quran, that the soul simply passes through transitional staged and ultimately moves towards eternity.

Through meditation and worship those, who have been blessed with the infinite mercy of Allah, and have been able to appreciate the indestructibleness of the soul power, are actually in possession of the unseen spiritual wealth and having no limitations.

The Great Sheikh of Baghdad Hazrat Abdul Jilani (RA), Hazrat Khawja Moinuddin Chisti (RA) of Ajmir, Hazrat Nizamuddin Awlia (RA) of Delhi, Hazrat Qutubuddin Bakhtiar Kaki (RA) of India, Hazrat Bakhtiar Mahi Sawar (RA) of Baghdad, Hazrat Shah Amanat Ullah (RA) of Chittagong, Hazrat Shah Jalal (RA) of Shylet, Hazrat Shah Ali (RA), Hazrat Sharfuddin yehaia Muneri Chisti (RA) along with Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed Mohammed Dayem (RA) the founder of Azimpur Dayera sharif, all of them were endowed with all Wealth of Spiritualism. The fact that from the very infancy or childhood these Great Saints remained all through their lives devoted to Almighty Allah and his apostles and scriptures and followed the straight path and always restrained themselves from being led ashtray.

Hazrat Azmatullah (RA) was a great saint of his time with a great personality. He left behind a unique way of life for spiritual guidance of the disciples in the green valley of Bangladesh with all respective nature.

Sufi Azmatullah (RA) led a life, which is full of events and lively incidents. In the whole Bangladesh, specially Comilla and Chittagong, where he spent most of his life, devoted himself for spreading education in the darkness corners of Bangladesh. He has left behind innumerable devotees and followers, who have been  able to show strict adherence to his teachings.

Hazrat Sufi Syed Mohammad Dayem (RA) was also a great Sufi and hermit of his time and I have decided not only to put into black and white the life history of the great saint and his descendents, rather to draw the analogy through proper study of the way of life shaped as per Holy Quran and Teachings of Mohammad (SM) and shown to disciples for their peaceful traffic and voyage in the straight divinely direction for success herein and hereafter; and their study of the lives of these saints and Spiritual guides and Awlias is very much important for finding what made them so great and eminment in life and how they differed from the commoners.

The Holy shrine of Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed Azmatullah (RA) the noble son of Hazrat Shah Sufi NurUllah (RA) is situated in the yard of the Waqf Estate of Sufi Nurullah (RA).

Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed Dayemullah (RA) is the grand son of Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed Azmatullah (RA) and also succeeded him to take over the responsibility of Chotto Dayera Sharif of Dhaka, Bangladesh. He is not only their heir Sufi of Azmatullah (RA) but he also inherited his vast spiritual knowledge. The whole life of Sufi Dayemullah (RA) was intricately intermingled with the life and ideals of his grandfather. Sufi Dayemullah (RA) owes his very existence through the continued blessings of his grandfather, Sufi Azmatullah (RA), whom followed the great Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (SM) to get blessings and favor from Allah directly.

 We find a clue from verse number 72 of Surah Tauba, “Allah had promised to the believers man and women, gardens underneath which rivers flow, wherein they will abide – blessed dwellings in gardens of eden. And-greater Far! Acceptance from Allah”, this is the supreme triumph.

The immortality of the holy soul Hazrat Shah Azmatullah (RA) is more due to his austerity, worships and devotion to the Almighty Allah through out of his life he engaged himself fully in the service of Allah.

Through the sacred tough of Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed Azmatullah (RA) the Chotto Dayera Sharif has turned into canopy where people still derive heavenly peace and prosperity and nobody is deprived of the mercy of Allah around his shrine, where Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed Dayemulllah (RA) the noble and successful heir and descendant of Hazrat Azmatullah (RA) had rendered his religious and spiritual and humanitarian service to the mankind.

Hazrat Sufi Azmatullah (RA) las days bear eloquent testimony of his successful saintly life, Sufi Azmatullah (RA) was ver ill at that time. His last moments were being courted. His kinsmen and near relatives were very anxious about him. At such a critical time Sufi Dayemullah (RA) was thinking within himself that most of the pious men do get hints before hand about their last departure from this mortal earth. Right at that moment Shah Sufi Azmatullah (RA) was bit engrossed in his thoughts and he ordered his grandson Sufi Dayemullah (RA) to bring a calendar. When Sufi Azmatullah (RA) got the calendar in his hand he at once made a prediction that, “since 25th of Shaban is Friday and a holy day; so, I would like to say my good bye from this mortal earth on that day”.

Although he was sage and could see things before hand but many of his relatives and close followers became bit hesitant to believe in the statement of fixed date of his eternal rest, and some even went so far as to begin to ridicule his premonition about his own death being on the 25th of Shaban, which appeared to be Friday.

As such during this time Sufi Azmatullah (RA) called his favourite and devoted grandson Sufi Dayemullah (RA) and ask about the necessary arrangement and procurement of the articles of his burial. Sufi Dayemullah humoursly went out and brought a bottle of Rose water and a phial of Rose scent. As soon as he reached home his grandfather enquired him about the procurement of things ordered for and on hearing his question, Sufi Dayemullah (RA) at once handed over the bottle of Rose water and phial of Rose scent. On being enquired about the cloth for “kafan” or burial dress Sufi Dayemullah in same smilingly told that he has made the necessary arrangement of “kafan” with the tailor Manik by handling over to him a first class piece of cloth.

Being enquired about the burial place of his mortal body, Sufi Azmatullah (RA) expressed his desire to be buried by the side of small Mosque.

Although he was enquired beforehand wheather he likes to be buried in the Boro Dayera Sharif but he replied “it will not meet with Allah’s Approval”. Next he was asked if he would like to be buried by the side of Shrine of Hazrat Shah Maree (RA), but again he replied in the negative manner as before. At last enquiry about his burial place in the family grave yard to be buried by the side of his brother but he again indicated his approval to be buried by the southern side of the small mosque.

During this course of conversation with his family member grandmother said “the land by the side of small mosque has already been sold by you to Mr. Israil only at consideration of Money of Tk-96 only. It is doubtful if the Israil would consider to give back the land”. At this time Sufi Dayemullah (RA) replied, that if necessary as the only owner of Shah Sufi Nurullah Waqf estate he would hand over the ownership of the entire estate in exchange of the small piece of the land required for the great Sufi Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed Azmatullah (RA). The land owner was a local men, may be still alive.

By the way it should mentioned here that, the land by the small mosque was then being used at the approach road to their house.

The noble grandson Sufi Dayemullah (RA) then took a bold attitude and said “if Mr. Israil do not accept his proposal then he ready to be the slave of Mr. Israil but still he will fulfill the last desire of his grandfather.”

On hearing these words his wife remarked that “as his grandfather, so also is his grandson”.

Finally, Sufi Azmatullah (RA) said, “Can you say why I like to be buried by the side of small Mosque?”

On hearing this question the aunt of Dayemullah said, “he likes to be buried besides the road side and that always people would pass by that common road and they would perform “Jiarat”, when they happen to pass by the road.”But Sufi Azmatullah (RA) replied in negative. Then Sufi Dayemullah’s Father’s sister said, “Since the grave will be near to Mosque, he would always be able to hear Quran recitation; therefore he likes to be buried by the mosque,”; Again Sufi Azmatullah (RA) disapproved her idea. Then Sufi Dayemullah’s grand mother said, “perhaps you like to be buried in the Boro Dayera Sharif as you will get good companions there. But as it is not meeting with Allah’s approval so remaining besides the small mosque, you will enjoy the air of Boro Dayera Sharif. He again moved his head with disapproved the said idea as well. Now his wife became very annoyed with reply.

Finally, he asked his own grandson the same question to reply. In reply, Sufi Dayemullah (RA) stated, “Everything has been said if there be anything secret about this choice, it is only known to you.”

Then he requested everybody to think and find out the cause. At this time the sister of Sufi Dayemullah’s father also got annoyed and left the place. At that time Sufi Dayemullah remarked that, “Parhaps there is a some secret about this, He is not disclosing the secret before all, During the solitary time with you he will perhaps tell you.”

In the meantime Sufi Dayemullah had been to the bathroom. As he was standing infront of the Bathroom for water, his Grandfather Sufi Azmatullah (RA) said to his wife, “you all become crazy to finalize when anything is spoken, when you all are mad, now hear the secret.”

On hearing this Sufi Dayemullah (RA) was alert and began to wait surreptitiously by the door of the bathroom.

Then Sufi Azmatullah (RA) was saying about the family burial ground,” where my father (Dayemullah) has not ever trodden, will be dark in the course of time. But this place land with small mosque was the main center of devotion of my forefathers and a LangerKhana was also there. Through the activities of my father (Dayemullah) this will turn such a sacred place that it will break all past records and men from different place of the world would come and meet here. This place will shine one day for its holy and noble functions and will attain international name and attention.”

Here I narrate an incident that took place only about 15 days ahead of his departure from this World. Many used to ridicule about the prediction of Sufi Azmatullah (RA) pointing his fixed date. Then he reminded all present there about the story of the tiger and cow, which heard of Aysops fables. The coy-boy very often used to call the villagers falsely alleging that a tiger has come. In this way, the villagers disbelieved the cowboy. Actually one day when the tiger did came, the cowboy called in vain the villagers but thinking it to be false, none come on that last date. The same case has happened regarding the prediction of my last breath to say good bye from this material world.

Humorously, I made previous prediction about my death with the intention that you will take good care during my last days. But this time you don’t disbelieve my statement, because now I find that the whole nature around me is proceeding towards me to engulf me.

During this time one day he called his nearest grandson Sufi Dayemullah and requested him to write a few lines in the structure of a poem in Persian language and ready out to his grandfather in following form, and now placed in his last bed.

“Ee Mazare Sufi Azmatullah

Binne Sufi Nurullah Zannat Nagar”

“Binni Sufi Ahmedullah Binne Sufi

Syed Dayem Ektedar”

“Sijda Sado-Cheste Do Roze Juma

Kon Sumar”

“Bishte Panjam Bahame Shaban

Dayem Khak Sar”

English Meaning:

“This is the grave of Sufi Azmatullah,

Son of Sufi NurUllah is Nagar Heaven,

Who is son of Sufi Ahmed Ullah,

Sufi Syed Dayem (RA) his relation.

1342 hijri”

The above Farsi poem was composed in marble stone placed in his Holy Dome at Top and north side of the Holy Mazar at Chotto Dayera Sharif by His Eminency Dr. Hazrat Shah Sufi M N Alam in the time Sufi Dayemullah (RA) 1978.

Hearing these lines Sufi Azmatullah (RA) was very much pleased. Two or three days after this Sufi Dayemullah’s devotees and disciples like Osman Ali Chowdhury, Gyasuddin and Abdur Rahman came to Dhaka to take him to Comilla. Sufi Dayemullah was already ready to start for Comilla. But his grandfather Sufi Azmatullah (RA) raised a strong obstacle and protest aginst this journey.

Being much angry for his creation of obstacle by his grandfather, Sufi Dayemullah left his bags and luggages in its previous place.

Sufi Azmatullah (RA) on seeing Dayemullah’s angry remarked that, “the annoyance of Dayemullah (my father) is blessing for me.” This creation of obstacle to Sufi Dayemullah, the dearest grandson of Sufi Azmatullah (RA) clearly indicates that he (Sufi Azmatullah RA) had got the notice of his death beforehand and so he earnestly, desired to spend his last days with his dearest grandson.

Sufi Azmatullah (RA) was counting his last days. He was having loose motion and called one of the maid servant, offered a few chips to get the cloths washed and cleaned after his death on ensuing Friday.

Sufi Dayemullah (RA) was sitting with Sufi Azmatullah (RA) in a melancholy mood because his grandfather has ordered him to stop the gold business. Which Sufi Dayemullah obeyed his grandfather’s order and stopped all dealing of gold business; but the enquired as to how he would manage his home affairs.

His grandfather replied with confidence, “Dayem the Emperor ship of this world and afterwards will remain under your feet. You simply stick to my teachings and follow the religious rites taught by me. If you fail to do so you will be held responsible for the same on the day of judgment.”

Those, who have sacrificed their lives for the attainment of spiritual life and have been able to mingle himself with the supreme spirit and have controlled their passions, will be able to know the unknown future. This good news have been set in the Holy Quran.

So therefore, Hazat Shah Sufi Syed Azmatullah (RA) took his last breath, according to his prediction, of the scheduled time and his soul left for the eternal voyage, leaving behind him his kinsmen and relatives to mourn his death.

His grave was prepared in his pre-declaration place by the side of Mosque and there he is taking rest from the interim period till the day of resurrection.

Hazrat Shah Sufi Dayemullah (RA) himself force bearer of the indications of his successful life.

Those, who are the lovers of Allah, are not dead but living and also get their rations by Allah. This good news ensured the believer in the Holy Quran. It is also mentioned in verse# 111 of Surah “Ann Am” wherein is stated that “if I (Allah) do send down angels before them, let the dead speak before them and disclose all secrets before them, still the disbelievers without the desire of Allah, would not believe in these path, as they are illiterate and fools”.

Therefore before going to describe the events, which took place after the death of the grandfather of Sufi Dayemullah, it will be necessary for us to remember the above Verse of Holy Quran.

Some events that took place after the death of Sufi Azmatullah (RA), One Day Sufi Dayemullah was suffering from acute pain of gastric ulcer and was rolling about the side of the Shrine of his grandfather. All of a sudden, miraculously the living soul Shah Sufi Syed Azmatullah (RA) appeared before Sufi Dayemullah after unveiling the cover of the grave with the blessings from merciful Allah. He gave instruction in the preparation of medicine for Gastric ulcer after due practice of a Doa from Quran according to specified mode of practice.

Though he recovered from malady but he was not getting mental peace. Financial stringency was disturbing his mental equilibrium and was feeling encumbered. Although he is the founder of the Madrasha but because it needed money it had already become very difficult to run the institutions properly and as such being agitated he came near the Mazar Sharif of his grandfather and began crying out loud while clapping the grave.

At that time suddenly he saw his grandfather before him, and told him “go and canvass for the sale of medicines and see how much you can earn.”

In this way the medicine prepared according to the direction of his grandfather, which already found place in the market. A man named Awlad Hossein, nephew of the former Minister Mr. Mafizuddin Ahmed, was staying in the Khanqah of Sufi Dayemullah. One day in the morning Sufi Dayemullah found that two people were scuffling in front of the main gate of the Khanqah. On approaching them he came to know that the father of Awlad Hossain with heavy hat and unbearable pain in the stomach, was going to commit suicide and his son was trying to persuade his father to give up the idea and also resisting him in the above manner.

At once Sufi Dayemullah brought out a phial of medicine carefully prepared and stored according to the direction of Hazrat Azmatullah (RA). One dose of medicine was administered to Mir Summandar Ali father of Awlad Hossain cousin brother of Education Minister of Pakistan from Davidar Police Station, Comilla and instantly some relief was noticed. After getting treatment Summandar Ali took a phial of said medicine for gastric pain and went home in the village of Shalgarah, district of Comilla. After use of the said medicine for few days he was fully cured without any surgical operation. This news of relief immediately spread far and wide throughout the villages.

As a result the villagers from far off places began to come to Summandar Ali for the above medicine, which he got from Dhaka from Sufi Dayemullah (RA), and then supplied the same to the villagers at reasonable costs. In this way all varieties of medicine were getting prepared and also found a wide market in the course of few days.

One day Summandar Ali came to Sufi Dayemullah and deeply thinking over the matter of Sufi Dayemullah replied, that since he doesn’t have a license, how he can certify others. On this consideration he got himself admitted in Hakim Habibur Rahman College and got his Diploma from the college in due course of time.

Because of the grace of the spiritual power in the preparation of the medicines, there were unexpected results after using the medicines. Now comes the turn of advertisement in the mind of Sufi Dayemullah (RA) and he was bit worried.

At this moment, son-in-law of Sufi Dayemullah His Eminency Dr. Hazrat M N Alam came to his rescue and said “I take the responsibility to advertising the medicines all over the world within a short time.”

Next day Eminency handed over a copy of the widely circulated newspaper “Ittefaq” in the hands of Sufi Dayemullah containing the advertisement of the medicine. On seeing the advertisement in the newspaper he felt relieved to a great extent. Within a short time a telephone call was received from Secretary of Education Minister abou the availability of the medicines for one of the relation of Minister, who was seriously ill and had been admitted in a hospital. Next a car touched the yard of the Dawakhana for collection of some medicines, which were immediate supplied and the patient was cured in due course of time.

Being satisfied with the use of the medicine some time afterward the Minister informed over the telephone for handling over a check of Taka 1000/-(Taka one Thousand) enquired about the name of the recipient of the check.

In reply Sufi Dayemullah informed that it is to be paid in the name of secretary of the Madrsah.

In this way the name of Dayemi Dawakhana began to be known to the public in general.

With profound modesty and respect it may be mentioned here that the Dayemi Dawakhana is not only pharmacy but also a heavenly creation, which Sufi Azmatullah (RA) has blessed immensely with no reservation.

So, Sufi Dayemullah (RA) the devoted disciple of Hazrat Shah Sufi Azmatullah (RA) is not only a strict follower but also a real recipient of his blessings and wealth of knowledge.

Now we come to the topic of the establishment of the Madrasah, which was awaiting recognitions from government of Bangladesh. Sufi Dayemullah (RA) was not going to extend his hands for help from the general public. But the Madrasah buildings needs to be constructed according to modern style immediately ; so Sufi Dayemullah (RA) prayed to the Almighty Allah for the success of his institutions, which in no time came down, as if form heaven. Because within a short time the news of government recognition with a sanction of Tk. 80,000/- was conveyed to His Eminency Dr. Hazrat Shah Sufi M N Alam. This news of recognition of the Madrasah by the government was hailed by all and all the clouds of obstacles in the way of establishment of Madrasah were removed, as if by spell or blast of hurricane.

The construction work of the Madrasah was started in full sweing but after coming to up to linter level, the constructions work again stopped for want of money. He personally went to inspect the Madrasah and found that the Secretary of the Madrasah had misused some Money. So Sufi Dayemullah (RA) had suspended the secretary temporarily being dissatisfied with his work.

Now hence forth everyday Tk. 400/00 per day began to be sent to the Madrasah by Sufi Dayemullah through Money order; After some time it was found that Tk. 11,000/00 only had been spent over money order commission exclusively. Thereafter money was being sent through Bank Now the Madrasah has turned into storied building with modern facilities with a good library and arrangement for vocational training. Here teaching aims at creating self-reliant true Muslims in mind and behavior. Later on the Madrasah reeived a lum sump grant of Tk. 4.50 Laks (Four and half Laks) only by the grace of Almighty Allah.

Those, who believe in the blessings of Allah are rewarded with honest and respectful maintenance costs in this world (Surah Saba, Verse 4)

Those, who have been blessed with the spirit of true Islamic education, are ever powerful and being directed by the unfore seen hands of Allah (Surah Saba Verse-6)

The Chotto Dayera Sharif is sanctified by the holy touch of Sufi Azmatullah (RA) having eternal sleep by the side of the Mosque, where innumerable helpless and persons puzzled in worldly affairs, find their abode as a holy shrine where there is the Mazar Sharif and a mosque. Being blessed by his grandfather the untiring worker Sufi Dayemullah (RA) had managed more 100 Madrasahs, several Orphanages through out Bangladesh. These institutions are also being used as the centers of propagating Islamic Ideologies and principles. All these Institutions are being run and controlled by the Dayemi Complex, under the direct Supervision of Sufi Dayemullah (RA), who also gave financial aid to these projects. The Dayemi Complex is fully engaged in developing all the projects under its direct management with an ever vigilant eye to avoid all corrupt practices. The ideal of Hazrat Shah Sufi Dayemullah (RA) had very good meaning towards many glorious achievements. At present, the entire world is engrossed in strifes and awe-engulfing struggles with one  another, at that moment this great saint with his untiring zeal for work and endowed with profound modesty and decorum is ever trying his utmost to remove the darkness of ignorance about Islamic ideologies and principles even from entire Muslim world and in this path he had sacrificed his whole life and earnings for creation of a better and finer world of peace and tranquility as sacred vow and with the hardest missionary zeal.

His behavior with mankind in general and his mode of communication with his disciple and followers was unique in its ways and means. For his unique personality infested with extreme modesty, he will always be remembered by the people in general of the world, which is beset with various kinds of clashes between the rich and the poor or the haves and have-nots. He always shined as a brilliant guiding star in the Spiritual firmament of the world of his glorious and honest attempts for establishment for a separate spiritual atmosphere, where peace and profound tranquility may reign supreme and the people in general, who are crazy and mad with worldly affairs, may find a breathing space of heavenly peace far from the madding crowd.

Hazrat Shah Sufi Dayemullah (RA) gives mirror vivid and lucid picture personality and achievements, who is nothing short of the earthly representative of the great Hazrat Shah Sufi Azmatullah (RA) the Holy Saint of his time.

Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed Abu Musa Kalimullah (RA) and His Spiritual Attainments

In the name of Almighty Allah,
The all Beneficent and the all Merciful

Sufi Abu Musa Kalimullah (RA) the honest and noble soul endowed with and possessed in him the super natural qualities attached with his very appearance in the form of super natural joy and cheer fullness exposing the inherent qualities and affinities to Almighty Allah: and it is probably more due to the fact that his head, heart and soul was devoted for refinement of his own soul and for sincere service to the humanity. Although his span of his life was short still it is full of instances of uncommon power and incidents, which shine like a mid day sun in the spiritual firmament. For these reasons he is recognized as a great man with all saintly qualities who reached the pinnacles of pride and glory of a full fledged devotee. Shah Sufi Abu Musa Syed Kalimullah (RA) was the noble son of Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed Azmatullah (RA) and was born in 1346 Hizri.

It is really difficult for common men to put into black and white the acts and omission and epoch making events of the great saint with intend to record with the streams of history as legacy for future generation. This devotee, though allotted a short span of life had to transcend the limits of this material world for heavenly sphere of eternal peace at the age of forty years only.

Sufi Abu Musa Kalimullah (RA) although died a premature death during the life time of great sufi his father but still his life is glorified with the execution of many noble deeds, which may be treated as period of golden age with all possible touch of complete sublimity and holiness and thus turned himself into on blessed personality.

The saint from his boyhood was very moderate and sober in so far as he did not waste much of his time and restrained form sleeping, talking and eating.

He possessed a noble character and had a controlled his greed completely with no attachment for the material prosperity. Even he had completely boycotted delicious dishes. One day his father Sufi Azmatullah (RA) arranged “Polao” (Rich food) with (Beef) Bowl for feeding  Abu Musa Kalimullah (RA) and Sufi Dayemullah (RA) sat together for a dinner. But infront of his father without saying anything Abu Musa Kalimullah (RA) began to take only the rice after keeping aside the Beef curry of Bowl. On seeing this his father Sufi Azmatullah (RA) became very angry on Abu Musa Kalimullah (RA). It is very difficult to gauge the depth of Sufism of Sufi Abu Musa Kalimullah (RA) as laymen. We can only say Abu Musa Kalimullah (RA) was one of the unique slave of Allah destined to be honored in the garden of heaven.

Since he preferred the straight path specified for the righteous persons who attain affinity of Allah by meditation, worship and strict adherence to the principle set forth in the Holy Quran. So for sake the path which is destined to lead a ashtray and the reward form the merciful Lord for them is peace and in this context the following verses of Surah “Yasin” may be presented for better understanding of the circumstances mentioned here in before.

There verses from the glorious Surah “Yasin””there warnest only him who follow the reminder and fear the beneficent in secret, to him bear findings of forgiveness and rich reword.

So, we it is who bring the deed to life. We record that which they sent before (them) and their foot prints. And all things we have kept in a clear register.

Being qualified through inherited gifts Sufi Abu Musa Kalimullah (RA) last life is thus mingled with sorrow and pain.

The last Part of Abu Musa Kalimullah (RA)

Sufi Azmatullah (RA) was then residing in Comilla and was trying to remove darkness of that area through spread of education in the area. At that time a man named Mohammad Ama was the disciple of Sufi Azmatullah (RA) with his so-called devotee Mohammad Ama of Nabinagar became the cause of jealousy of a merchant named Manzur Ali Bepari of adjacent village.

Sufi Abu Musa Kalimullah (RA) had gone to village named Satmora. Here Manjur Ali Bepari invited Sufi Abu Musa Kalimullah (RA) and he became his Murid (Disciple).

Hearing heard about the arrangement of “Shirni” (Rice Pudding) and “Neaz” Abu Musa enquired Manzur Ali Bepari about his father Sufi Azmatullah (RA) Manzur Ali Bepari gave a wrong impression that his father would also attend. Believing the statement of Manzur Ali Abu Musa Kalimullah (RA) reached the house of Manzur Ali but he did not find his father there.

On the other side of Sufi Azmatullah (RA) was sitting in the house of Mohammad Ama amongst his so-called disciples. At that time the man of Manzur Ali reached there and informed him that their Huzur is calling Sufi Azmatullah (RA).

With astonishment Sufi Azmatullah (RA) questioned Manzur Ali about the Huzur and then became angry with this Son.

Seeing this condition Mohammad Ama requested him to be quiet and peaceful.

Thereafter, he had been to the house of Manzur Ali and expressed that two swords cannot be kept in one Sheath or cover.

In the meantime when Shirni was ready Sufi Abu Musa Kalimullah (RA) informed his father and asked for his permission to distribute the same amongst the disciples. The Shirni in the name of Boro Pir Sahabeb Hazrat Gausal Azam Abdul Qadir Jilani (RA) was thus served and prior to its service a place there of was sent for the approval of Sufi Azmatullah (RA), who tasted the same with his Jupiter finger and ordered for distribution among the disciple and returned back to the house of Mohammad Ama. After this incident Sufi Azmatullah (RA) ordered his son Sufi Abu Musa Kalimullah (RA) to go to Chittagong.

When Abu Musa Kalimullah (RA) was ordered to go to Chittagong he understood the implication of such order directly came back to Dhaka and in order to say farewell to her aunt, the wife of Murshed Janab Obaidullah (RA). He took leave of her amount three times only to give impression that he is leaving for eternal peace but his Aunt could not understand why he sought permission for the third time and as such moved slowly with eyes full of tears and proceeded towards Chittagong.

At last he reached Amirabad in the district of Chittagong. On his arrival at Amirabad devotees and Muridans, one by one came to him and informed about their grievances. Then the omniscient Saint began to advise to disciples about the ways of alleviation of their sufferings. A person name Islmail Sawdagar came to him and informed him about “Hazari Goda” Which was used for irrigation purposes in that locality but the water of the Snakha river washes them away due to its rapid flow of water and thus caused huge damage to the standing crops. These “Hazari Godas” were used by the local people for checking the enrush of flood water and used it for fruitful purposes of growing crops.

The noble hearted saint Sufi Abu Musa Kalimullah (RA) ordered Ismail Sawdagar to erect a dam having 12 cubics in breadth and 5 cubic in height. After the barrage was erected Sufi Abu Musa Kalimullah (RA) walked over the dam and completed his Doa and prayer to the Almighty Allah for the maintenance of the barrage it so happened that afterwards for several years of the flood water could not over flow the barrage. But for unknown reasons Hazrat Sufi Azmatullah (RA) later on removed the dam according to his spiritual wishes.

 Sometime after when Sufi Abu Musa Kalimullah’s (RA) time for eternal departure from this world came near at hand, he prepared himself for the eternal journey, beforehand, One fine morning when he was sitting with his disciples & devotees Maulana Niazur Rahman came and offered his daughter for marriage with him. On hearing this request Sufi Abu Musa Kalimullah (RA) said, “My father Huzure Kebla will come here on the 13th of Jilqud after Jumma prayer and will complete the marriage ceremony.” But also this declaration was actually the expected date of his bidding good bye form this mortal World.

In the meantime he also indicated and earmarked the place of construction of his house on the side of a tank before Maulana Niazur Rahman and others currently known as Amirabad Village Lohagara Police Station, Chittagong

By pointing with a stick on his hand Sufi Abu Musa Kalimullah (RA) spotted the place and said “here my house for residence will be built”. Actually his sacred Mazar sharif is now lying in the same place on the bank of a tank, which was spotted by him with his stick.

But this was not understood by any of his followers and devotees. At this time Small pox broke out in the epidemic form throughout the village called Amirabad in the district of Chittagong. That mysterious disease at that time the small pox disease were unknown and there were no vaciines at that time. His devotees and disciples came and informed him about the outbreak of small pox in an epidemic form the area and requested him for taking measures for stoppage of this epidemic. On hearing the request of his disciples and followers Sufi Abu Musa Kalimullah (RA) remarked “When you are unwilling to welcome guest of Allah in the form of Small Pox then I myself will welcome the guest sent by Allah on behalf of you all”.

The great Saint Sufi Abu Musa Kalimullah (RA) in an instance as to how to save his innumerable followers and devotees from impending deaths by sacrificing his own life absorbing the miseries of small pox on his own life on absolutely humanitarian ground. This kind of noble sacrifice is rare indeed in the so called present civilized world, where everyone is busy to save himself as it would be on the day of final judgment. The persons who show strict adherence to the dictate of Allah is always honored with an uncommon power to fulfill their desire after their free will Musa (A) could meet the beneficent Allah and Nuh (A) and his follower, his house hold materials and other paraphernalia were saved from flood by Allah. And in fact Allah delegates some super natural power to his chosen viceroy in this universe, who by exercise of those power try to bring back sense and wisdom and make them conscious of the fact the Almighty Allah can do and undo everything and the path which lead ashtray should be for saken as the straight path destined to lead toward heavenly garden for eternal peace should be prudently chosen for his blessings and reward. Already few pimples of small appeared on his body and same spread over his entire body within few days and later on all his limbs were affected with putrefaction due to in demerable small poxes.

On Tuesday his father sufi Azmatullah (RA) reached amirabad from Comilla. But the great Saint Sufi Abu Musa Kalimullah (RA) according to his prediction breathed his last on the 13th of Jilqud after Jumma prayer and this plunged all his dear and near ones and his innumerable followers and well wishers into an ocean of sorrow and agony of separation.

Now came the turn of construction of his last house. Three places were selected for his burial. But his father Sufi Azmatullah (RA) found that the place which was selected as the residence by Sufi Abu Musa Kalimullah (RA) himself during his life time, falls within the Zamidari of Mr. Badiul Alam Chowdhury and so he expressed such desire before the Zamidar, who was pleased enough to make a Waqf of the said portion of land for his burial place. All those are due to the profound honesty and sub-limity of the great Shah Sufi Abu Musa Kalimullah (RA). Accordingly in the pre-earmarked place the demised body of the Holy Sain was buried.

We find in the Holy book that “those who have sacrificed themselves on the way to Allah, are not dead but on the contrary they are living near the Almighty Allah, even getting their rations and they are happy and contented with whatever have been bestowed on them omnipotent Allah, (Surah Al-Imran 4, V-17).

The above verse and noble sayings of the truth of Holy Quran had been proven to be correct and accurate from age to age and are ever being recorded that the soul never dies but it is only, transformed into another form which is known only to Allah, the all powerful and omnipresent and all pervading. Now like to mention here some stray incidents that took place after his departure to eternal peace and these will prove that the soul is imperishable, indestructible and ever-lasting. It has so been quoted in the Holy Quran that “Allah gives knowledge and power to whomsoever he likes and whomsoever, He selects”, these persons will alone have this company and will stay with him in the garden of peace.

And that is why nobody can probably move by the side of the Holy Mazar Shairf of the immortal soul of Sufi Abu Musa Kalimullah (RA) in a manner which shows dis-respect to him and if anybody does violate this instruction, he is destined to meet an accident.

As proverb goes that some jealous and proud so-called Moulana follower of Ohabi, Selafi and Nazdi alem of Amirahbad spread the scandal that if Sufi Abu Musa Kalimullah (RA) was a real saint then why he could not check the small pox on his own, which caused his death. But this vilification has later on been nullified by the presence of his immortal soul in the Mazar Sharif.

By the way there is another incident that took place in the Mazar Sharif of Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed Abu Musa Kalimullah (RA). Maoulana Masudur Rahman was Mutuwalli of the Mazar sharif. Once Sufi Dayemullah (RA), son of Sufi Abu Musa Kalimullah (RA) said with extreme modesty and honor that in order to test the sanctity of the soul of his father he had gone to the side of Mazar Sharif to bring his father’s body on Horseback. Immediately through an unseen power the horse jumped up and I fell down on the earth and got hurt. So, when you have come here being the heir of the great immortal saint, please be kind enough to bless me, so that I may be cured of my hurt. Afterwards having his blessings Moulana Masudur Rahman was cured. Even today innumerable peoples came here for Ziarat and they are being cured of diseases and various ailments.

Side by side I cannot but mention another spectacular incident here. On the western side of the above Mazar Sharif there is another Khanqah known as Goraingha Sharif. The Sajjada Nashin of that Khanqah is known as Hazrat Abul Majid (RA) a great sufi saint of that time, (The First Sufi Saint OF His Eminency Dr. M N Alam) and his fame and eloquences was known to everyone throughout of the Chittagong district. So, in order to be acquainted with him, the main writer of this book His Eminency Dr. Hazrat M N Alam started for the said Khanqah Sharif and on the 3rd week of March 1976 A.D. when he reached the Mazar Sharif of Sufi Abu Musa Kalimullah (RA), the driver of the Rickshaw requested him to get down from the rickshaw. On hearing this His Eminency Dr. Alam asked the rickshaw driver the reasons of this and came to know everything. But still he asked the driver to proceed on. At this time the driver refused to move any further and requested Eminency to hire another rickshaw. Then Eminency proceeded towards the Mazar Sharif and completed Fateha and Prayed “Oh Allah You have said those who have sacrificed their lived on the path of Allah, they are still living”.

Sufi Abu Musa Kalimullah (RA) if you are still living then allow me to meet the person, who is the real torch bearer of your dynasty or descendant of a common ancestor, later Eminency proceeded from there he came to district Dhaka. Since he learned beforehand the details of Hazrat Shah Amanat Ullah (RA) and that the Sufi Amanat (RA) is situated at Lakshmibazar in Dhaka and so he made up his mind to visit and perform Ziarat of the said Mazar Sharif.

On reaching the Khanqah of Laksmibazar he met with Shah Sufi Ahmed Ullah (RA) who speaks little being a reserved type of religious devotee and as such he was charmed with his personality. This khanqah was very dirty but His Eminency Dr. Hazrat Alam along with another over weight person of the Khanqah cleaned the dirt around the Khanqah. Thereafter he kept on fasting for a day and saved few chips with which he purchased some fruits and offered to Sufi AhmedUllah (RA), who was pleased with him and asked him to go to Azimpur Dayera Sharif.

He walked down all the way up to Azimpur old grave yard and completed Ziarat of Some Mazar Sharif of Hazrat Dayem (RA) when he reached the Mosque of Chotto Dayera Sharif and also found that one Maolana was sleeping by keeping his head over a holy Quran Sharif. On seeing this he was annoyed and was about turn back.

But at the gate the son of the Imam Maolana Mostaque the Caretaker of Azimpur Old Grave yard, which belongs to Chotto Dayera Sharif of Sufi NurUllah Waqf Estate and other 4/5 peoples obstructed him and provided service. In the meanwhile, the melodious Azan of the prayer of Isha was heard; so he performed the Isha prayer in the mosque, where he found Sufi Dayem Ullah (RA) in a separate Zainamaz. Here Saitan tried to create a sense of hatred in his mind but next moment he could detect himself and understood in his mind that Shah Sufi Dayemullah (RA) was a real devotee of Allah.

Up to midnight 1 A.M. discussions of Comings of Hazrat Imam Mahdi (A) continued and he was charmed with his discussions and took his meals with him. After dinner Sufi Dayem Ullah (RA) narrated pathetic tale to how he lost his father in his childhood and remarked whatever God does is for the God and welfare of mankind.

After three days, Sufi Dayemullah (RA) offered him Tk.Three hundred to reach his home in Chittagong. He reached his house after a laps of 3 days and on reaching home he came to know about the death of his father but at the same time he got a letter from Sufi Dayemullah (RA) and the said letter served as a palliative to his bereave soul and acted tonic to his damned spirits caused for the bereavement of his father and as early as possible he came back to Dhaka as a mad man in order to See Sufi Dayemullah (RA).

The prayer, which was offered at the Mazar Sharif of Sufi Abu Musa Kalimullah (RA) not only blessed him to meet his cherished pious soul but also helped him to get the blessings of his renowned son Shah Sufi Dayemullah (RA). His Eminency was now engaged in social works, which have reached him to a place, whence he is enjoying the fortunes and blessings of a great man.

Those, who believed in the existence of Allah and perform benign works will surely be reward them with the highest place in the gardens of heaven, under which the sweet river flows for ever and where the good souls will stay permanently. Behold the rewards of the good workers.

The holiest Quran has depicted in the above verse the merciful qualities of Allah and really these are to be taken a good head of. In this material world, which is besets with the contradictory aspersions of greed and voice, the news narrated in the above verse really gives a sense of profound happiness and joy.

Eminency feels tempted to raise an episode in order to depict the dept of solemnity of the Imam of Hazrat Shah Sufi Abu Musa Kalimullah (RA)

Hazrat Dayemullah (RA) at young age, once demanded for some money from his father. His father Sufi Abu Musa Kalimullah (RA) directed his son to ask for money from Allah by going to the Mosque instead of asking from him; Allah is the owner of everything on earth in the infinite space.

When Hazrat Sufi Dayemullah (RA) prayed for money after performing salat, he got for Annas (quarter). Another day after prayer he asked “Gilap” or sweet and through the mercy of Almighty Allah, he got it after his performance of prayer.

On realizing the great utility and instant return offering prayers, Shah Sufi Dayemullah (RA), after each Esha Salat goes to “Sejdah” with extreme sublimity and puts up his demands before Allah who is omnipotent. In this way he is getting the blessings of his father Sufi Abu Musa Kalimullah (RA) up till today and thus have been able to raise himself to a covetable position in society as well as in the Darbar of Allah.

In 1977 His Eminency Dr. Hazrat Shah Sufi M N Alam, Chief Khalif of Chotto Dayera Sharif to commemorate the founder of Azimpur Dayera Sharif Sufi Syed Mohammad Dayem (RA) as well as in respect of Abu Musa Kalimullah (RA) had established a most reknown biggest Orphange “Amirabad Sufiya Dayemiya Muslim Orphange & Senior Educational Institute, Amirabad Sufiya Aliya Madrasah, along with the Examination Center, by spending more than 10 crores of Bangladeshi Taka. The Local chairmen Shah Alam khan also a local leader of Jamat E Islam with jelousy and hatred started conspiracy against Eminency, but unfortunately he was killed by bus accident, another Local MP of Jamat E Islam and influential fanatic leader Shah Jahan Chowdhury had also tried to create conspiracies against Eminency and accordingly he was detained by the caretaker Govt. of Fakhruddin Ahmed, Govt. of Bangladesh, currently still in jail. There are thousands of hypocrites were punished by Sufi Abu Musa Kalimullah (RA) those who had been trying to fight against Eminency Dr. Alam’s missionary work for the benefit of Mankind, they all were punished by Death. In the time of Sufi Dayemullah (RA), he couldnot succeed to do any single humanitarian work like establishing Educational Institute because of the environmental situation, created by the local hypocrites of the region.

Biography of  A Great Sufi Saint Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed Dayemullah (RA)

In the name of Almighty Allah,
The all Beneficent and the all Merciful

The great saint of Bangladesh Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed Dayemullah (RA), was born in 1916 A.D. at Azimpur Chotto Dayera Sharif. His mother died when he was an infant. His father died in the course of preaching Islam at village Amirabad, P.S. former Satkania, Zela Lohagara District of Chittagong, when he was only 11 years old. He was raised and brought up by his grandfather since his childhood. When he was in the womb, his grandfather stated, “my grandson is mother Jat Wali” means saint by birth. Since his childhood he was devoted, humble, pious patient, intelligent and thoughtful. His grandfather taught him and brought him up as his pupil. From his boyhood he spend most his time in worship and other religious & Spiritual functions. As such people of his family and neighborhood used to say “A day will come when this boy will achieve perfection in all spheres of life”. By the grace of Almighty Allah, their prophecy has come to be true. During his boy hood even, the people irrespective of caste and creed used to come to him to learn something about Sufism and religion. He met with many unknown saints during his lifetime, who had refused to disclose their identity.

According to the genealogical order he is the in the 6th generation of the greatest saint Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed Mohammad Dayem (RA). His grandfather taught him in such a manner that he has no combination of parallel. As result he has became very much popular and favorite to all. He has no cherished man other than his spiritual and religious teacher. He was very kind, self controlled, pious, generous and shows sympathy to all. After the death of his grandfather, he became the Mutuwalli of the waqf estate created by Hazrat Shah Sufi Nurullah (RA) and also succeeded and ascended the spiritual throne of Chotto Dayera Sharif.

Once he decided to perform Hajj and thereafter to settle at Madina Monwara permanently near Rowja Sharif of the Holy Prophet. With that aim and object in mind he left Azimpur and on the way went to the Mazar Sharif of Khawja Moinuddin Chisti (RA) at Ajmeer in India. After fasting for three days, he met with Syed Hossain Baksh, a descendant of Khawja Garib-e-Newaz, who disclosed the advice of the Khawja Shaheb. He stayed there for a long time and on getting spiritual advice returned to Dhaka and married Mossammat Saleha Khatun a so-called “Syeda” daughter of A Great Hypocrite Former Chairmen of Sonar Gaon Thana Area Ahmed Hossain Khondokar. After their 12 years of marriage, they had no Children because of Saleha Khatun’s misconduct with Sufi Dayemullah (RA) to conspire to loot properties of Sufi Nurullah Waqf Estate of Azimpur with the active cooperation of her notorious hypocrite father Ahmed Hossain Khondokar along with her brothers. Sufi Dayemullah (RA) and Saleha Khatun had tried to adopt many children, unfortunate for Saleha Khatun’s character, attitude and gratitude  no children could stay with her but one day Rokeya Begum had shown up as their own daughter, this matter is still confusing for the inhabitants of the Azimpur Dayera Sharif. However, details information about this is available in the Bengali Section of the book. At first, Sayeda Rokeya Begum was married her father’s cousin brother Erfan Uddin so-called Shah, he was hopeless, homeless, hypocrite and use to drink regularly, they had three children (Sayeda Nur-E-Sani, Faizi-Mohammad Ahmedullah, Ata-E-Nur-Anwarullah), they all are like their father’s characteristics, currently they all are staying illegally inside the Dayera Sharif and Dayemi Complex projects in Nabinagar. Finally, in April 26th 1982 Rokeya Begum was married to His Eminency Dr. Hazrat M N Alam to save her life along with her three immoral children, they also had three more children (Ata-E-Dayem Syed MahmudUllah, Syeda – Nur-E-Aynin, Faizi Haramayen Syed Khalilullah). It should be mentioned here that, His Eminency Dr. Hazrat Shah Sufi M N Alam had abandoned all three of his notorious adopted children along with his own Chilren Ata-E-Dayem Syed MahmudUllah, Syeda – Nur-E-Aynin and Muhiuddin Mohammad Alam for their misconduct and misbehave as well as ill motive to destroy the NurUllah Waqf Estate properties in reference Romna Police Station of DMP Dhaka GD# 1321 dated April 17th, 2009 Romna PS GD# 135 dated Nov 4th, 2009. There are also several civil and criminal case has been pending at the High Court, District Judge Court Dhaka for immediate hearing. Detailed information is available in the Bengali section of this book. 

To the best of our knowledge there is no saint like Sufi Dayemullah (RA) in the sub-continent. He has devoted his life towards humanitarian, philanthropic and charitable works, with the head office at Azimpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh. By the active cooperation, help and assistance of Sufi Dayemullah’s Chief Khalif His Eminency Dr. Hazrat M N Alam Since December 1976, Sufi Dayemullah (RA) had founded and established a number of schools, colleges, Madrasahs and Orphanages in every nock and corner of Bangladesh. For the purpose of proper management administration and smooth running of the works of the above mentioned organizations Sufi Dayemullah (RA) also had established “Dayemi Complex Bangladesh” in 1982 registered with the Govt. of Bangladesh in the time of President Ershad, with direct help and cooperation by His Eminency Dr. Hazrat Shah Sufi M N Alam. He also provided any financial help to these institutions, which were not established by him personally or through the aforesaid Dayemi Complex. It maybe mentioned here that, because of Sufi Dayemullah’s (RA) notorious wife along with her family, Sufi Dayemullah (RA) could not expand any of his institutions and organizations till His Eminency Dr. Alam’s arrival in the year 1976. The detailed information of above is provided in the Bengali section of the Book.

Without parents from childhood, Sufi Dayemullah had to win very deep obstacles and thus won confidence over Allah which has turned himself into an dignified man of a touch of stone. He always engaged his personality to attain the Godly power of knowledge with his honest prayer, and practices.

On the way of his devotion he travelled the whole sub-continent and the Muslim Region of the World because of His Eminency Dr. Alam the Chief Khalif of Azimpur Dayera Sharif and Current Chairmen of Dayemi Complex Bangladesh They performed the Ziarat of the Holy Mazar Sharif of the great devotees of Allah, Hazrat Mohiuddin Abdul Qadir Jilani (RA) of Baghdad, Hazrat Garib-e-Newaz Khawaja Moinuddin Chisti (RA), Hazrat Nizamuddin Awlia (RA), Hazrat Bakhtiar Kaki (RA), Hazrat Munaem Khasru (RA) of Patna, and so many other shrines of noble saints and lastly he was honored more than 6 times by Allah with the opportunity of performing Hajj and thus were allowed to visit the Holy Pilgrimages including the divine Rawja Mubarak of great prophet Hazrat Mohammad (SM).

A remarkable dream was expressed by Sufi Dayemullah (RA) on his last pilgrimage before reaching his eternal rest. In Holy City Madinah at 3:00 AM in the morning Sufi Dayemullah (RA) stated, “The Key of the Holy Mosque Mosjidul-Haramayen of Makkah-tul-Mokkarrama will be in the hand of his Chief Khalif His Eminency Dr. Alam”, and he repeatedly shouted, “Allah Hu-Akbar”(Allah is Great) three times as he shared this with his Chief Khalif His Eminency Dr. Alam and later accompanied with him and visited the Great Prophet’s Dome at Madinah also shared several spiritual thoughts.

Due to his firm and constat confidence and prayer he got the opportunity of meeting his eternal father and his grandfather which is nothing but the apocalyptical nature of presentation and blessings on behalf of Allah through his angels and it is all spiritual good news for the future generation engaged in studies of the truth and superior knowledge.

As government recognized Unani Hakim he has established an Unani Dawakhana and registered by His Eminency Dr. Alam as desired by Sufi Dayemullah (RA) with the Joint-Stock company government of Bangladesh in 1983. With the combination of divine knowledge the angelic presentation due to his blessing the medicines manufactured and prescribed by him for gastric ulcer, heart disease, sexual damage, nervous disability and other chronic and painful diseases has been cured by him since a longtime. For this reputation a large number patients are regularly visiting for medicines. It may be mentioned here that, the alternate medicine of Sufi Dayemullah (RA) had been received by his forefathers since 700 years ago, detailed information is in seperate Link of this website.

The money thus earned by him is used fully for the rehabilitation of distressed man and for the orphans education. The special aim of education for the orphans is to grow them into true Muslim/true human being with self reliant economic and spiritual life. He also introduced, extensively the technical and vocational training with the Islamic education.

His attention and hospitality to the guest is really gives holy lesson of noble quality of brother hood which one is the only media or scientific simple process of communication with each other amongst the mankind.

So Hazrat Shah Sufi Dayemullah (RA) with his Dayemi Complex is not only men but an holy and noble institution too. He was by born a true mixture of spiritual and divine contemplation with an active life which is directed by Hazrat Mohammad Mostafa (SM) as a true path of salvation of life. Because of such a quality, he was able to capture His Eminency Dr. Alam by his side for last 35 years.

From his own built mosque of Chotto Dayera Sharif  religious and spiritual leader the Hazrat Shah Sufi Dayemullah (RA) used to submit his regular prayer along with the practice of All four Sufi Orders to Almighty Allah and provided knowledge from his divine store house of knowledge and delivered the heavenly advises for the welfare of Mankind.

His mission was to attain the peace in the World, which is purely based on Mutual love and understanding, goodwill and respect for each other and to attain the purity of soul for pure work on the light of basic teaching of Holy Quran.

In his programs of world environmental development he had presented his untiring efforts and labor with full of his knowledge for the educational moral and spiritual development with an aim of building society.

Altogether Hazrat Shah Sufi Dayemullah (RA) and his Dayemi Complex Bangladesh is a modern mission and symbol of successful salat (Life) and has already taken an place in the forum of world congress for its virtuous action and dedication with extensive participation in the different international remarkable events of the World.

In Shah Allah his good deeds and services for humanity will remain permanently up to the last day of world and after words.

The list of the institutions are given below is directly established and administered by His Eminency Dr. Alam as Sufi Dayemullah (RA) desired in his lifetime. His Eminency Dr. Alam also financed and advised several services in the educational assistance program of Dayemi Complex Bangladesh.


  1. Imam Gazzali College (Inter-mediate standard) with examination center situated at Rawgan, Chittagong
  2. Kamel Madrasah
  3. Amirabad Sufia Alia Madrasah

Degree level self-reliant religious institution with technical education:

Alam Shah Para Alia Madrasah, Degree Standard Religious institution


20 Jame Mosque in many different part of Bangladesh specially in Dhaka, Comilla, Chittagong

Madrasah (Islamic Educational Institute):

97 Fur Kania and Hafizia Madrasah (Primary religious education center) Established in Dhaka, Comilla, and Chittagong Rural Areas.


7 Orphanages is entirely established, controlled, and managed directly under the noble supervision of Dayemi Complex Bangladesh and another 8 Orphanages is administered extensively with material help , finance and advisory services.

  • Amirabad Sufia Dayemia Muslim Orphanage and Sufia Madrasa, (Degree Level) & Education Examination Center, P.O. Amirabad Madrasa, P. S. Luha Gara, Dist. Chittagong, Bangladesh.
  • Ibrahim Pur Sufi Azmatullah Oprhanage, Madrasa & Mosque, Thana. Nabinagar, Dist. B-Baria. Bangladesh
  • Sufiabad Abu Musa Kalimullah Orphanage, Madrasa, School & Mosque, Village. Charamba, P.S. Luhagara, Dist. Chittagong, Bangladesh
  • Demoshia Sufi Abu Mohammad Obaidullah Orphanage, Village: Demosia, P.S. Chokoria, Dist. Coxes Bazar, Bangladesh
  • Dumrakandi Dayemia Orphanage, village: Dumrakandi, P.S. Bancharampur, Dist. B-baria, Bangladesh
  • Manikgong Sufi Nurullah Orphanage & Madrasa, Village: Gorpara, P.S. Manikgonj, Dist. Manikgonj, Bangladesh
  • Satbaria Shah Amanatullah Orphanage, P.S. Chandanaish, Dist. Chittagong, Bangladesh

Dayemi Complex Bangladesh is maintaining more than three thousand orphan students for their academic qualification including vocational and religious education with an aim to establish them in the society with the help of by Bangladesh and foreign and local N.G.Os.

The Dayemi Complex Bangladesh had established more 100 Educational Institute along 7 International standard Orphanages around the country, which includes, Amirahbad Sufiya Aliya Madrasha and Examination Center of Loha Gara Chittagong, Bangladesh. The world dignified individuals like Chief Imam of Makkah-tul-makkarrama & Chief Justice of Saudi Arabia Sheikh Shobhail Bin Abdullah, Sheikh Taha of Makkah Chairman of Al-Quran Research center of Makkah, KSA along with the diplomats, ambassadors as well as world renown intellectuals had attended the inaugural ceremony. There are more than 3000 orphan students all throughout 7 orphanages which also includes 15000 students.

Biography Of His Eminency Dr. Hazrat Sheikh Shah Sufi Mohammed Nurul Alam, 43rd Direct Descendant & Spiritual Successor From The Holy Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (SM)

Revised on 12/01/2019 by Rafiq Ahmed

His Eminency Dr. Sheikh Shah Sufi Mohammed Nurul Alam, Religious and Spiritual Leader of The Muslim World, 43rd Direct Descendant & Spiritual Successor from the Holy Prophet Mohammad SM, President of World Spiritual Assembly, NY, USA, Custodian and Chief Khalifa of 700-year old Sufi Dynasty, the Holy Dayera Sharif, Dhaka, Bangladesh, World Peace Envoy, United Nations NGO Permanent Representative, Founder of Seven International Orphanages in Bangladesh, Founder, World Human Rights Service Council, NY, USA, Founder, Secretary-General International Organization for World Peace, Disarmament, Development and Human Rights, New York USA  Founder President, World Spiritual Institute, NY, USA, President and Chief of the Mission World Human Rights Service Council, New York, USA, Founding Member of London Diplomatic Academy and its United Nations Representative, NY Honorary professor, European University Madrid, Spain, and Iowa, USA and Chancellor, European Union University, Iowa, USA, Member of Advisory Council of Ansted University in Malaysia, Vice-President, CODE International, Madrid, Spain. Pioneer Spokesman and scholar researcher of “The Millennium Prophecy Heralds a Golden Age, Arrival of Imam-Mahedi (SM), World Peace Mission, founder U.N Peace Messenger Organization, three times designated for the Nobel peace Prize between 1989 and 2000, designated first Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, and Permanent Representative of The Conch Republic to the United Nations and designated special representative of President of The Anjouan Islamic Republic to the United Nations June 2001 to December 2001. His Eminency Dr. M N Alam is Honorable Minister Plenipotentiary to UN of the International States Parliament for Safety & Peace since 2001. In January 16, 2001 His Eminency Dr. Alam awarded by Ansted University British Virgin Island, United Kingdom. He has been awarded for the following prestigious recognition: 1. International Academy of Culture and Political Science Doctor of Philosophy in Political Sciences 2. International Association of Educators for World Peace Diploma DHonnaur. 3. Institute of International Affairs Certificate of Honor. 4. Institutes for International Relations and Intercultural Studies Diploma in International Relations. 5. World Peace Academy Academician. 6. Center Cultural Copt Orthodox Academic Doctor. His Eminency also appointed as Chairman Department of Comparative Religion Albert Schweitzer International University, Switzerland since December 4, 2000. In November 11, 2002 His Eminency has been awarded as commander of World order Peace The Medal of The World Order Science-Education-Culture by the European Academy of Information along with UN Secretary-General His Excellency Dr. Kofi Annan in Madrid, Spain.

His Eminency Dr. Alam is the World Peace Envoy and Founder Director General of the Dayemi Complex Bangladesh (DCB), established in 1969, and its Permanent representative to the United Nations since 1982. He is also the founder President of the World Spiritual Assembly (WSA), New York, established in 1990. In addition to all of these organizations, His Eminency is the founder and Secretary General of Bangladesh United Nations Association (BUNA), established in Dhaka, 1972.

H.E. Mohammad Nurul Alam, son of the late Mohammad Sirajul Islam, was born on February 28, 1953, at 36 Bar Street, British Indian Subcontinent, City of Rangoon, Myanmar. His Eminency and his family members had left his birth place from Rangoon (British Colony Burma) and return back to his motherland at 14 Haitkandi Union, Kachua, Southeast Haitkandi, famous house of Raza Miah (Sufi Saint Raza Miah who migrated from Madina to preaching Islam in East Bengal, The British Indian Subcontinent) Mirsarai, Chittagong, East Pakistan currently Bangladesh on 14th January, 1958. He has been a social, religious and humanitarian worker since boyhood. He is born in a respected Muslim religious & spiritual family. His father is the 42nd direct descendants from the Last Prophet of Mankind & Peace Hazrat Mohammad (SM).

Through religious and spiritual capacity, His Eminency Shah Sufi Mohammed Nurul Alam became the spiritual successor of the Dayemi Sufi Dynasty Since 1977 and received his spiritual training from His Holiness Sheikh Shah Sufi Syed Dayemullah (R.A.), the religious and spiritual leader and the Master of the Four Sufi Orders, trained H.E.M.N. Alam in spiritual and religious practices for Fifteen years. During his pilgrimage to Makkha in 1987, His Holiness Sheikh Shah Sufi Sayed Dayemullah (R), the 42nd direct descendant and spiritual successor to The Holy Prophet of Islam Hazrat Mohammed (SM), bestowed 43rd spiritual Successor ship upon H.E. Shah Sufi Mohammed Nurul Alam. He also designated H.E.M.N. Alam as Official Chief Khalifa and custodian of Dayera Sharif, a Sufi Institution and dynasty originated from the Holy Prophet of Islam Mohammed (SM) and followed by his worthy followers. After passing away of Shah Sufi Syed Dayemullah (R.A.) in 1995, His Eminency Mohammed Nurul Alam has become the custodian of the seven hundred years old Holy Dayera Sharif Sufi Dynasty. He is also rendering social welfare, humanitarian and voluntary services already started by H.H. Mahisawar (R.A.), one of the direct descendants of the Holy Prophet of Islam who lived his life for the cause of humanity seven hundred years ago in South East Asia, especially in India , Bangladesh, Mynamar, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia.

His Eminency S.S.M.N.Alam, in serving the cause of neglected humanity, looks after more than 100 educational institutions including high schools, colleges, vocational training centers, madrashas, mosques, as well 15 orphanages housing several hundred parentless children in Bangladesh. His Eminency M.N.Alam has served asthe Managing Director of Dayemi Pharmaceutical Laboratory, Joint Motawalli of Sufi Nurullah WAQF Estate since 1987. He is also the Founder-Chairman of the Bangladesh Youth Hostel Association. He has been an Executive Member of the International Association for Religious Freedom (IARF) Oxford, England and an executive member of the IARF South Asia Coordinating Committee India until 1997. During His Eminency’s leadership, the IARF was granted consultative status with the U.N Economic and Social Council (ESOSOC). Currently, he is the President of the IARF Bangladesh Chapter. Mr.Alam is the only representative of the Muslim world who attends, on behalf of The Dayemi Complex Bangladesh, the World Peace Congress, organized by IARF since between 1982 to 1987.

During his lifelong work toward peace and human rights, he has been associated with various national and international organizations rendering valuable services for the welfare of mankind. In December 1998 on the day of the observance of 50th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, he was designated As Secretary-General and Chief of mission of the World Human Rights Service Council, New York, for the support of mankind and refugees. Former US President Bill Clinton and Former U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan are some of the distinguished personalities of the World who have acknowledged this humanitarian effort in 1999. In the same year, His Eminency becomes a Founder Member of the Diplomatic Council of the London Diplomatic Academy, UK.

Since 1982 H.E. Mohammed Nurul Alam has been acting as the permanent representative of the Dayemi Complex Bangladesh to the United Nations in New York, Vienna, Geneva and five Regional Economic Commission offices in Thailand, Ethiopia, Switzerland, Iraq and Chile. Under H.E.M.N. Alams leadership, the Dayemi Complex Bangladesh acquired consultative status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations as well as associate status with the Department of Public Information (DPI), and UNICEF. Also the Dayemi Complex, Bangladesh, while working towards peace in the Middle East since 1982, has been given Associate Status with the Palestinian Rights Division of the United Nations. H.E.M.N. Alam has coordinated many international conferences in support of the United Nations in Dhaka, Bangladesh and worldwide from the office in New York. He also visited the Holy Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem and risked his life to negotiate peace between the Palestinian and Israeli authorities. This peace initiative included an eleven-point peace proposal for Palestinian and Israeli authorities, which was adopted in the International Peace Conference held in Dhaka under the auspices of the Dayemi Complex Bangladesh and authorized by the United Nations General Assembly. The Peace proposal has been acknowledged by the Secretary-General of The United Nations as well by President Ronald Regan, Mr.Mikhail Gorbachev, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the Chief Imam of the Holy Kaba in Makkah, the Chief Justice of Saudi Arabia and other Heads of State. For these and other services and for contribution towards world peace, the Secretary-General of the United Nations designated the Dayemi Complex, Bangladesh as The United Nations Peace Messenger Organization in 1986.

His Eminency Dr. Alam has visited Soviet Union in 1986 by the special invitation of Mr. Mikhail Gorbachev to attended the International peace conference at BAKU as speaker His Eminency predicted The all Muslim states and territories should be free and independent from Soviet Union.

H.E.M.N. Alam has traveled extensively in the interest of world peace, visited more than 186 countries including Israel and, South Africa and has attended over 700 conferences, seminars and congresses where he presented his Thesis “The Millennium Prophecy Heralding a Golden Age”. Many influential leaders such as former U.S Presidents Bill Clinton and G. W. Bush and the U.N. Secretary General Dr. Kofi A. Annan have acknowledged the Millennium Prophecy. The Secretary General has recommended His Eminency to forward the Millennium Prophecy Statement to the permanent US representative to the U.N. for discussion to bring it to include it in the agenda of the U.N. Security Council and U.N. General Assembly. Accordingly, His Eminency has submitted the Prophecy to the White House, Washington, D.C. as well as to the President, U.N. General Assembly and U.N. Security Council.

The International Organization for World Peace, Disarmament, Development and Human Rights nominated His Eminency S.S.M.N. Alam, who has devoted his life to the cause of world peace, as a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993. In 1996 by the World Spiritual Assembly, New York, designated him as a candidate for the Nobel Peace Price and also the World Human Rights Service council jointly with the friends of United Nations Organizations, U.N. Office, New York, USA designated his name for the 2000 Nobel Peace Prize. Finally, in 1st February 2010 World Human Rights Service Council, UN Office New York USA had designated his name as Pioneer Spokes of Millennium Prophecy Heralds A Golden Age.

The World Spiritual Assembly and its international forum held in the New York City in July 1989 have conferred three honorary Ph. D. degrees (Doctor of Comparative Religion, Doctor of Divinity and Doctor of Philosophy in Spirituality) upon H.E. Nurul Alam. European Union University Iowa, USA and Ansted University, British Virgin Island, United Kingdom, Malaysia have conferred Honorary Ph. D. Degree Dr. in Philosophy and Spirituality to H.E. Nurul Alam in July 2000. His Eminency has received more than twenty-five honorary Ph.D. degrees from very respected educational institutions around the globe.

The American Biographical Institute awarded him with the International Culture Diploma of Honor, and designed His Eminency Dr. Mohammad Nurul Alam as lifetime Deputy Governor. This organization also listed him in 5000 Personalities of the World 5th edition and on the International Directory of Distinguished Leadership. The Order of International Ambassador, and the Presidential Seal of Honor are also among the numerous recognitions awarded for his lifetime achievements. He is also listed in Who’s Who in the World – 11th Edition, in 1993 and 17th Edition of Millennium Edition dated January 2000, and also is listed Who’s Who in the East, Millennium Edition, 1999, a publication of Marquis Who’s Who in the World, USA, International Who’s Who Intellectuals – 12th edition and was named “Man of the 20th Century”. His Eminency was awarded with the 20th Century Award for Achievement for his outstanding contribution towards world peace through the Millennium Prophecy by the International Biographical Center, Cambridge, England. He is also listed in the 1000 Leaders of World Influence 9th Edition, an American Biographical Institute publication which includes a summary of The Millennium Prophecy. H.E.S.S.M.N. Alam also appears of the 10th edition of 500 Leader of Influence of the World. This book also provides detailed information on the Millennium Prophecy.

His Eminency Dr. Hazrat Sheikh Shah Sufi Mohammad Nurul Alam has been designated by the competent authority of the Conch Republic as First Ambassador to the U.N. in August 2000 and heads the diplomatic mission in New York City for recognition of the Conch Republic and designated special representative of President of The Anjouan Islamic Republic to the United Nations June 2001 to December 2001. His Eminency Dr. M N Alam is Honorable Minister Plenipotentiary to UN of the International States Parliament for Safety & Peace since 2006. His Eminency has been awarded The Medal of The World Order Science-Education-Culture by the European Academy of Information as commander of World Peace. He also has been designated full time Professor of European Academy of Information on March 12, 2002, in the World Conference Madrid, Spain.

His Eminency Dr. Hazrat Sheikh Shah Sufi M N Alam President of Millennium Trade Link USA Corporation, a Religious & Spiritual Leader, Philosopher, Historian, an International Diplomat Since 1985 at the United Nations, as well as researcher of Millennium Prophecy, Pioneer Spokesmen and author of several books as follows “The Encyclopedia of Prophets & The Rulers of the Islamic World”, “The Millennium Prophecy Statement, Herald a Golden Age”, “Modern Prophet Dr. Alam’s Prediction for Peace & Destruction”, “World Heritage & Records of Sufism” & “The Christian King Ashama (Negush) of Ethiopia”. Currently The 2nd Edition of “The Millennium Prophecy Statement, Herald a Golden Age” is underway for publishing and expected to be published by December 2019.


In the name of Almighty Allah,
The all Beneficent and the all Merciful

1.The greatest Prophet Hazrat Ahmed Moztaba Mohammed Mostafa Salallahu Alaihe Wasallam (pbuh)
2.Hazrat Syedana Amirul Muminin Mortuza Ali (Alihis Salam) (pbuh)
3.Hazrat Syedana Imam Hussain (pbuh)
4.Hazrat Syedana Imam Zainul Abedin (pbuh)
5.Hazrat Syedana Imam Mohammad Baker (pbuh)
6.Hazrat Syedana Imam Ali Reza (pbuh)
7.Hazrat Syedana Imam Musa Kazem (pbuh)
8.Hazrat Syedana Maeuf Karkhi (Rahmatullah)
9.Hazrat Syedana Sirre Sakhti (R)
10.Hazrat Syedana Junaid Bogdadi (R)
11.Hazrat Syedana Abu Baker Shili (R)
12.Hazrat Syedana Rahim Uddin (R)
13.Hazrat Syedana Abdul Tamimi (R)
14.Hazrat Syedana Shah Usuf Tartusi (R)
15.Hazrat Syedana Abul Hasan (R)
16.Hazrat Syedana Abu Syed Makhjumi (R)
17.Hazrat Syedana Gausul Azam Mohiuddin Abdul Qader Zilani (R) (Sufi Master of Kaderia Sufi Oders)
18.Hazrat Syedana Shahbuddin Sorrawardi (R)
19.Hazrat Syedana Nizamuddin Gojnabi (R)
20.Hazrat Syedana Shah Mubarek Gajnabi (R)
21.Hazrat Syedana Shah Kutubuddin (R)
22.Hazrat Syedana Saha Fazlullah (R)
23.Hazrat Syedana Shah Mahmud (R)
24.Hazrat Syedana Shah Nasiruddin (R)
25.Hazrat Syedana Shah Taiuddin (R)
26.Hazrat Syedana Nazamuddin (R)
27.Hazrat Syedana Shah Jafar (R)
28.Hazrat Syedana Shah Ahlullah (R)
29.Hazrat Syedana Mir Khaliluddin (R)
30.Hazrat Syedana Shah Sufi Ahmanotullah (pbuh)
31.Hazrat Syedana Shah Munem Khosru Pakbaz (R)
32.Hazrat Syedana Shah Sufi Kutubul Akteb Syed Mohammad Dayem (R) (Founder of Holy Sufi Dynasty Dayera Sharif, Dhaka)
33.Hazrat Syedana Shah Sufi Rowshan Ali (R)
34.Hazrat Syedana Sufi Syed Ahmedullah (R)
35.Hazrat Syedana Shah Sufi Syed Laquitullah (R)
36.Hazrat Syedana Shah Sufi Syed Wazhullah (R)
37.Hazrat Syedana Shah Sufi Syed Kayemullah (R)
38.Hazrat Syedana Shah Sufi Syed Nurullah (R)
39.Hazrat Syedana Shah Sufi Syed Obaidullah (R)
40.Hazrat Syedana Shah Sufi Syed Azmatuallah (R)
41.Hazrat Syedana Shah Sufi Syed Abu Musa Kalimullah (R)
42.Hazrat Syedana Shah Sufi Syed Dayemullah (pbuh) 
43.His Eminency Dr. Hazrat Sheikh Shah Sufi Mohammad Nurul Alam
44.Shah Sufi Faizi Harmine Syed Khalilullah (Currently Suspended till further action)
45. Hazrat Nur MuhiUddeen Alam (Sharar)
46. Shah Mohammad Rafiq Ahmed
47. Golam Rabbani, DCB UN additional Representative to UN office New York
48. Anas Al-Sakti
49. Mohammad Dulal

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Final Message From The 43rd Direct Descendant of The Great Prophet Hazrat Mohammad SM

FINAL MESSAGE: From the 43rd direct descendant of the last Prophet of mankind, Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon Him), His Eminency Dr. Hazrat Shah Sufi Sheikh Mohammad Nurul Alam, President World Spiritual Assembly, New York, USA. (His Eminency Dr. M.N. Alam has been supporting the United Nations since 1985 and United Nations General Assembly designated his Organization DCB, as a United Nations Peace Messenger Organization in 1986.)

All concerned are requested to be ready to face and overcome about the current situation of the World and future of the World. The human being is the crowned creation of Almighty God. The Jews, Christians, and Muslims, are cousin brothers in accordance to the Holy Quran. The Muslims, constantly prays for peace for the descendants of Abraham (PBUH) everyday in their five times prayer since 1400 years ago (Durud Sharif (part), “Allah Humma Sawlle Ala, Saye Dena Mohammadio .., Kama Sallaita Ala Ibrahima Wala Ale Ibrahim, Innaka Hamidum Majid .., Ref, This is a part of Muslims five times prayer, in accordance of Holy Quran & Authentic Hadith), So Why are they fighting with each other? Because of the fanatic belief and malpractice of reality of theology, Muslims, Jews, and Christians do not understand the Prophet Abraham’s ideology. No one shall dominate in a War or Fight. The fanaticism of “So-Called: Muslims, Christians & Jews also Political Dilemma” must stop to avoid the WWIII. The World federation of the United Nations still exists, but they are only talking about peace. They have their own agenda for international security and peace, but no one abides. For that reason, the UN Security Council Resolution since WWII has been disregarded by the disputed nations. The single superpower, the United States of America has been playing their own role by their own way, without following the UN Charter and UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It was reported to me and confirmed that, Western Media is taking advantage to destroy the backbone of real Islamic Ideology, which establishes Peace & Prosperity towards mankind since 1400 years ago, “Islam does not approve fanaticism or terrorism”. Subsequently, some sects of Islam in the name so-called “Jihad” encouraged by misguided political groups and patroned by Russia, USA and other powerful nations to carry out terrorism activities to diminish the Islam from its course. I am challenging and warning, to whom, those who are engaged in such activities to stop immediately otherwise the consequences shall be paid by the Almighty God. My prayer is that all human beings, the crowned creation of God, May Allah, the Almighty bless them, bless America, and bless United Nations and other countries victimized by manmade disasters. “AMEEN”.

Notes From the Editors

One has to understand the purpose of their existence, when a mother gives a birth to a child, she expects her child to be known to the world also acknowledgement from her child. If we think the same for who created us the one only Almighty God, we must acquire to know why he created us? What is the purpose of God’s such creation? I have had the exceptional advantage of compiling and editing His Eminency Dr. Hazrat Shah Sufi M N Alam’s last 35 years of research of the Proclamation of The Millennium Prophecy Herald a Golden Age with the Arrival of Hazrat Imam Mahdi (A) along with Reemergence of Jesus Christ & Authentic History of the World”. He is also the author of “The Encyclopedia of Prophets & Rulers of Islamic world”, World Heritage & Records of Sufism Volume I & II, and Christian King Ashama (Negush) of Ethiopia, I was also honored with editing above mentioned publications by the grace of His Eminency Dr. Hazrat Shah Sufi Mohammad Nurul Alam, he is the 43rd Direct discendent & Spiritual Successor From the Great Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (SM).

Today in the present world, Parents guides their children to be doctor, engineer, lawyer and businessmen or etc. Just like that, when the child grows up with the goal of being such and such he/she goes to school educates him/herself with the intention to be doctor, engineer etc but when it’s his/her turn to practice her knowledge if he/she didn’t educated him/herself than he/she cannot perform, with that in mind if we can understand that, if Almighty God created us to acknowledge his creations through various sources (Messages) starting with Hazrat Musa (A)’s Ten Commandments, Hazrat Isa (A) (Jesus Christ)’s Bible (Old Testament) and finally the Glorious Holy Quran by the First & Last as well as Almighty God’s beloved Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (SM), which is the Complete Code of Human life, and we must intent to understand his messages.

The followers of Judaism or Christianity, must research and realize the messages of Almighty God in Torah(Old Testament of Jewish Bible) and Bible (Old Testament of Christian Bible), which to surrender to Almighty God with the intent there is One Only God & Mohammad (SM) is the Last Beloved Prophet of Almighty God. Now if you do accept Islam and just perform prayers and expecting to receive the grace of Almighty God, its not going to happen because if we go back to understand without the proper knowledge of being a doctor you can not practice it instead you will just be poser. We must acquire the values, importance and the purposes of praying five times, only than we can have outcome.

In Quran Almighty God states, “If you pray five times on time with the intention of surrendering your self to me, than I will give you stomach full food and your life security” Surah Quraish. Now you may think how he is going to give you food without you having any income source, yes that’s also included in Almighty’s agreement indirectly. In the current days there are millions of Muslims around the world and prays five times but why they don’t have life security for example inhabitants in Baghdad, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The question leads to one, “are we really fulfilling the requirements of our creation as up to his expectations?” Today there so many sects in Islam Sunni, Shia, Jamaate, Tabhlighi, Ohabi, Selafi and so much more but majority of the sects do not have the proper knowledge of the Importance of Our & Almighty Allah’s beloved Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (SM) and his Message for which they don’t know how to properly respect the Beloved Prophet with dignity and becoming enemy of Almighty just like Azazil. When Almighty commended Azazil to bow to Prophet Adam (A) and out of jealousy he did not and Almighty given him exemplary punishment yet also gave him his reward for his long term service. Now he is the opposite leader of Almighty working to misguide us to reach our goal, which to Know Almighty God and importance of his Creations and Lastly acknowledging Almighty God’s beloved Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (SM) with love, respect and dignity, only than we can know our purpose of existence. When we perform our prayer, We recite the following verses Bismillah HirRahmanir Rahim “Atta Hiyyatu Lillahi Oa Salawatu Wattaebatu Assalamualyka Ya Aiyu han Nabbiyu, Assalamualyna Wa ala Ibadiallhi Soalehin…….” In the above verse we are witnessing by giving Salam to our Beloved Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (SM) on the right and left we are again giving Salam to Soalehin (Peoples whom have given, sacrificed anything and everything for the cause of Almighty Allah) there are three verses in the Quran Surah Al-Baqarah, Al-Yunus but in Surah Al-Imran, Almighty States clearly that, “Those who dies in the path of Almighty, Nobody shall have the doubt to think that they are dead but in fact they are not Dead but Alive and very close to Almighty, Even their every needs even food are being sent by Almighty, but people among you will not understand” Surah Al-Imran 3:154”. But today in the present times People had been misguided through thousands of conspiracies against Islam starting from the time Prophet Mohammad (SM) was alive, which continued to conspiracies against Hazrat Ali (A) and Hazrat Hassan & Hussein (A).

Finally today, it is very doubt-able to think about the above mentioned sects of Islam of which type of knowledge they really have because if you don’t respect beloved Prophet and don’t regard the Soalehins again you are pathetic looser and you will not receive the blessings of Almighty God.

At the Last Speech of Holy Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (SM) at Jabal-E-Rahmat beloved Prophet Stated “I am leaving you the book of Allah and my family members (Hazrat Ali (A), Hazrat Fatima-tuzhora (A) Hazrat Hassan & Hussein A as well as their descendants like Hazrat Abdul Qadir Zilani RA, Hazrat Khawja Moinuddin Chisti RA) You shall hold them firmly with Qitabullah (Holy Quran) than you will not be misguided by Satan and his activities.

Today the present situation of the World is inviting the destruction just like the Biblical Flood of Hazrat Noah (A). Inhabitants of the current World are main cause of such destruction. Very few peoples are depended on Almighty God, Majority of the Peoples are basically wants to be independent by their self without acknowledging the Almighty God and Almighty God’s Creations as well as the Holy Messages. The human being’s characteristics have reached the subsequent level below zero. The People of this Planet Earth is completely demoralized and totally out of track as Crowned Creations of Almighty God. Even though the Jewish, Christians and Muslims are cousin brothers why do they fight with each other?

The leading human beings in the societies such as Doctors, Lawyers and Scientists have the inhuman characteristics to do anything and everything for their own gain in exchange of Material gain. The Judges, Lawyers, Police officials in Asia 100% corrupt even the doctors have become completely commercial, so the ordinary Peoples becomes their victims continuously. So, therefore the end of 2nd Civilization is inevitable.

In accordance of His Eminency’s predictions, “When the doctors, judges, lawyers and Police officials will loose their characteristics in this planet Earth and People will loose their faith from Almighty God, you must sense that the time has come for the Arrival of Hazrat Imam Mahdi (A) along with reemergence of Prophet Jesus Christ (Hazrat Isa A)”.

If one has the ability to understand and takes the step to research about the Authentic History of the World. He must read all the books that are authored by His Eminency Dr. Hazrat Sheikh Shah Sufi M N Alam. These books are a guideline for the betterment of Humanity. We must acquire knowledge do research and realize the fact that Almighty God created us to Acknowledge him and his creations as well as his Prophets Hazrat Abraham (A), Hazrat Musa (A), Hazrat Isa (A) and his beloved Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (SM) and perform our duties for the cause of Almighty God to the mankind. God bless the mankind.

Editor – Golam Rabbani, Executive Assistant to Author His Eminency Dr. Hazrat Shah Sufi M N Alam Vice-President of Millennium Trade Link USA Corporation

Editor – Rafiq Ahmed, Executive Assistant to Author His Eminency Dr. Hazrat Shah Sufi M N Alam Chief Operation Officer of Millennium Trade Link USA Corporation