The Conspiracies & Atrocities Against Islam

Conspiracies Against Prophet Mohammad SM

Conspiracy To Be the Leader of Muslim World

As Muhammad (SM) was returning from his last pilgrimage in 632, he made statements about Ali that are interpreted very differently by Sunnis and Shias. He halted the caravan at Ghadir E Khumm, gathered the returning pilgrims for communal prayer and began to address them: “O people, I am not a ordinary human being. I am about to receive a message from my Lord and I, in response to Allah’s call, (would bid good-bye to you), but I am leaving among you two weighty things: the one being the Book of Allah in which there is right guidance and light, so hold fast to the Book of Allah and adhere to it. He exhorted (us) (to hold fast) to the Book of Allah and then said: The second are the members of my household I remind you (of your duties) to the members of my family. (Ahlul-Bayt)”. Prophet Mohammad (SM) never mentioned about so-called hadiths, or his Sunnah. You can only find his Sunnah present among his closest family members of Ahlul-Bayt. 

In the yr. 35 AH Ahmad narrated that Abu Tufayl (RA) said: “ H. Ali (RA) gathered people in the court of the mosque and said to them, “I adjure you by Allah, of every Muslim man who heard The Messenger of Allah (saw) saying on the day of Ghadir E Khumm what he said when he arose.” Thirty men stood up and bore witness that the Messenger of Allah (SAW) said: “He for whom I am His Master & absolute guardian, then ‘Ali is his master & absolute guardian. “O Allah befriend whoever befriends him and be an enemy to whoever is his enemy.” note: Nabi Muhammad (SM) spoke these words while giving a historical khutbah after having being told by Allah (swt) : “ O Messenger of Allah (saw), deliver to the people what has been revealed to you from your Rabb and if you do not then you will not have delivered his message (at all) and Allah will protect you from the people. For Allah does not like those who reject Iman (Faith). 5: 67 Allah (swt) followed this ayah with Surah 5:3 “This day I have perfected your religion, completed code of creation and Mankind and chose Islam as your religion.”

The two most popular sects in Islam Sunni and Shia debates the incident of Ghadir E Khum. If the Holy Prophet Mohammad SM is stating “He for whom I am His Master & absolute guardian, then ‘Ali is his master & absolute guardian. “O Allah befriend whoever befriends him and be an enemy to whoever is his enemy.” His Eminency Dr. hazrat Sheikh Shah Sufi M N Alam 43rd Direct Descendant from the Holy Prophet States, “The Ghadir E Khumm declaration clearly states if anyone were to replace Prophet’s leadership, its Hazrat Ali (RA) not any one else, Either you side with Hazrat Ali RA and be recognized as part of the Ummah or You don’t and not be recognized as part of the Ummah, hence its unfortunate For Abu Bakar to fall in the trap of Umar and his associates like Talha, Zubair, Saad Ibn Waqqas, Abdur Rahman Ibn Awf, Abu Ubaida ibn Al-Jarrah as well as Abu-Sufiyan and Hinda. 

The ultimate conspiracy against Holy Prophet Mohammad (SM) and Islam had started right after the departure of Prophet Mohammad (SM). Three long days had passed, but unfortunately the power hungry munafiqs of the ummah were seriously involved in quarrel over who will take the leadership of the Ummah. They totally had disregarded the declaration of Ghadir-E-Khum as well as the burial of the Holy Prophet Mohammad (SM). 

When the Munafiqs finally came to realization that three days had passed, and finally Hazrat Umar (RA) had taken baiyat (conspired) under Hazrat Abu Bakar (RA) because of his long term friendship with Prophet Mohammad (SM), along with the reason of Hazrat Abu Bakar (RA) leading 17 waqt of prayers while Prophet Mohammad (SM) was sick on his bed as well as him being the father in law of Prophet.

But when they reached the Prophet’s House, after Three Days , question is, why did both of this Calipha e Rashidun had waited three days to decide who will be the leader of Islam? Why didn’t they first address the issue of giving the burial of the Prophet Mohammad (SM)? Although Hazrat Ali (RA) along with Hazrat Fatima (SA), Hazrat Hassan (RA), Hazrat Hussain (RA), Hazrat Bilal (RA), Hazrat Hudaifa (RA) as well as Prophet Mohammad (SM) closest and dearest Sahabas had already given the burial of the Prophet. 

When the munafiqs came to Prophet Mohammad SM’s house, Hazrat Abu Bakar (RA) saw Hazrat Ali (RA), sitting on top of the Grave of Prophet Mohammad (SM) with his Zulfiqar (Sword) raised from his hand, as seeing this Hazrat Abu Bakar (RA), came to a realization of a prophecy stated by Hazrat Mohammad SM during his lifetime. Prophet Mohammad (SM) had told Hazrat Abu Bakar RA that, “If you ever see Hazrat Ali (RA), very angry and sitting on top of a horse like mud shape, than if you are also angry, you should also sit down, but do not approach him.” So, Hazrat Abu Bakar (RA) told every one about that prophecy and stated “If you accept me as Siddique (Title of someone speaks of truth at all time) a title given by the holy prophet, than you should not be angry with Hazrat Ali (RA). 

Conspiracy to Lower the Dignity of Prophet Mohammad SM

The next most hideous crime against the Holy Prophet Mohammad (SM) was the deceiving story of how the Holy Prophet’s Chest was cut open to purify it. There were no recorded event that took place against any of the previous prophets that had come fourth to purify them, His Eminency asks the question than why does our beloved Holy Prophet Mohammad (SM) needs that rectification? This is is a complete conspiracy by the Munafiqs of the Ummah.  

His Eminency Dr. Hazrat Shah Sufi M N Alam wanted to make for those whom had been criticizing Almighty Allah’s Beloved Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (SM) the following question should be asked to theirselves, “If the Great Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (SM) is the Light of Allah, and Allah created such a Universe for his beloved Prophet, WHY WOULD THERE BE ANY NEED OF PROPHET’S CHEST BEING CUT OPEN TO PURIFY IT?”

Starting from the time Prophet passed away the enemies of Islam fused with fanatic Jews and Christians had been trying to diminish Islam from its root course. Needless to say, Islam was and is as well as will continue to be fast growing religion in the world, this fact also passed thru the Fanatic Jewish and Christian follower’s mind and did not hesitate to affair into it. Apparently, those fanatic Jewish, Christian as well as Islam followers had been able to put a slow poison to paralyze the root of Islam by misinterpreting many of the verses of the Holy Quran.

From time to time, Abbassiya Caliph Al- Mamun’s reign when Bukhari, Tirmidhi, Nessaye, Abu Dawud fabricated Hadiths stated, Prophet Mohammad’s chest was cut open and cleansed with Wisdom and ZamZam Water and replaced by Angel Gibrael, which is absolutely false and fabricated. Along with the misinterpretation of Surah Ahzab’s Verse 56 a crucial fact of Holy Quran, Where Allah admits, “Him and His Direct Special Angels are continuously saluting the Great Prophet Mohammad (SM)” and misinterpreted meanings states, “Allah and His Special Angels are blessing the beloved Prophet?” How can that be, if Great Prophet already got a title “Rahmatullil Alameen” This misinterpretation not only changed the main root of Islam but also left millions and millions of people’s faith left ashtray. Currently, the Saudi Monarchy sponsoring Selafi, Ohabi, Najdi, Tabhligi still camouflaging above mentioned misinterpretation of Verse of Surah Ahzab along many other hadiths and verses of Holy Quran.

His Eminency Dr. Hazrat Shah Sufi M N Alam 43rd Direct Descendant from the Prophet of Islam, states very strongly, “Those who will hinder to even think Prophet Mohammad’s (SM) virtues and values as always his importance in Islam are doubtable or questionable than even if you are among the believer, YOU Must retake your Oath of Shadah, if not they will not be considered good Muslim” In Accordance of Holy Quran Surah Al-Qalam.

The corrected Meaning of Verse 56 Surah Ahzab, “Bismillah Hir Rahmanir Rahim” “The Almighty God certainly has been, is and will continue to send infinite love and affection to his beloved prophet Hazrat Mohammad (SM) along with his special angels who are directed by the Almighty God to continuously salute with respect, dignity and honor to the beloved Holy Prophet for His kind attention. The Almighty God again commanding to the true believers to pay respect with dignity and honor for their forgiveness and mercy from the beloved Holy Prophet of Islam and Mankind”. (AlQuran Surah Al Ahzab, 33:56)

Hazrat Mohammad (SM) is the crown of all the Prophets and beloved Prophet of Almighty God. He was the first one that Allah the Almighty Created from his own light (Nur). The whole Universe along with the Sun, Moon, Earth and 18000 planets were created including First Man Adam (A)’s life was also given from the Light of Nur-e-Nabi, Safi- Ul-Majnabeen, Awaleen, Akherin, RahmatullilAlameen & Nurri Min Nurrullah. He WILL be Attorney General for the MERCY of WHOLE Creation & Mankind at the Court of the Almighty God on Judgment day.

Who Were The Tulaqas?

The Word Tulaqa Means : Those who didn’t accept Islam but rather they surrendered to Islam by force 8 AH at the conquest of Makkah. It should be very clear that most of these Mekkan families (Umayyads and their loyalist tribes) and their mass conversion at The Conquest of Mecca, earned them the title Tulaaqa. Their current behavior in government was most certainly not convincing or a proof that they were fit to lead the unadulterated Islamic community.

A point should be noted, Henda was the wife of Abu-Sufiyan, whom had hired a assassin to Kill Hazrat Hamza (RA), at the battle of Uhud. She didn’t just stay happy by having Hazrat Hamza (RA) killed, she went as far as ripping his heart open and taking a bite out of his heart. How can one think, with such hatred, how can she become a true Muslim. 

Another Point needs to be made, Abu-Sufiyan has always been a power hungry man ever since Prophet Mohammad (SM) brought fourth his new Dictum of Islam. However, when he finally accepted Islam as a Tulaqa, can he really become true Muslim? 

Lets, understand who is Muabiya Ibn Abu-Sufiyan? His Eminency states, he is the bastard child of Henda and the Habashi (Washa) the Assassin who killed Hazrat Hamza (RA). Muabiya in arabic actually means Son of Dog. How can he become a Qatib a Ohi? 

Especially, in the presence of the remaining, venerable and close companions of The Holy Last Messenger (SM) who were also veterans that served against these families in 20+ yrs. of conflict? Despite this fact many venerable Sahaaba (Like: H. ‘Aisha, H. Zubair ibn Awwam and H. Talhah ibn ‘Ubaidullah withdrew their support for the Caliph of the time and 3rd of the Rashidun Caliphate H. Uthman ibn Affan (RA) because of the appearance of change of government gradually from bad to worse. The most influential and conditioned man became the 1rst Khosru / Cesar in Islam was the then governor of Syria, which at that time consisted of at least 4 nations today Damascus, Syria, Lebanon and Palestine, Mu’awiyah ibn Abi Sufyan. Mu’awiyah ibn Abi Sufyan along with many of his relatives namely Marwan ibn Hakam left no stone unturned to disturb the fabric of government Nabi Muhammad (SM). This behavior encouraged the rioters and bandits all throughout the Islamic Empire.

During Ameerul Mu’mineen Uthman ibn Affan (RA) Caliphate the Islamic Empire had originally been divided into 12 provinces. The provinces were further divided into districts (there were more than 100 districts now in the Empire and each district had its own Governor.) H. Uthman ibn Affan (RA) appointed his kinsmen as governors of at least 4 provinces namely: Egypt, Syria Basra and Kufa Despite the historical appeals preserved in the books of Hadith by many blessed companions matters would only grow worse, eventually ending with the assassination of the aged Caliph, H. Uthman ibn Affan (RA) at 77 yrs old. H. Uthman’s Caliphate lasted 12 yrs the longest of all the Rightly Guided Caliph’s.


Conspiracy of Ashare Mubashera (Ten Rightly guided Muslims)

Ashare-Mubashera means the selected ones that shall have their Jannah guaranteed. Well, if that’s true than why does Allah the Almighty gives a criteria for Mu’min for the admission in Jannah in the Surah Mu’min Holy Quran? His Eminency Dr. Hazrat Sheikh Shah Sufi M N Alam 43rd Direct Descendant of Prophet Mohammad SM, challenges the so-called list of Ashare-Mubashera, because of the gangster of Umar such as Talha Ibn Ubaidullah, Zubair Ibn Awm, Saad Ibn Waqqas and Abdur Rahman Ibn Awf, Said ibn Zayd and Abu Ubaida Ibn Al-Jarrah. 

Let’s first start with whom this particular so-called title “Ashare Mubashara” came from “Said Ibn Zayd” and “Abdur Rahman Ibn Awf”. According to one Sunni tradition of hadith transmitter, It was “Said ibn Zayd” who mentioned the names of “Ashare Mubashara” and in another tradition it was “Abdur Rahman Ibn Awf”. And fact of the matter is that, they are claiming their own self to be part of the “Ten Rightly Guided Muslims”. Another point should be taken into count is that; Said Ibn Zayd is the brother in law of Umar. This goes to show the cunningness of Umar by utilizing his own family of gang members to be regarded as “One of the Rightly Guided Muslims”. Another individual from so-called “Ashare Mubhashara” is Abu Ubaida Ibn Al-Jarrah whom worked strongly to appoint Abu Bakar as the Successor to Prophet Mohammad SM by disregarding Prophet’s Ghadir E Khum declaration. His Eminency States how can the so-called list of Ashare Mubashara except Hazrat Ali RA, will go straight to heaven, when they committed such heinous crimes against the Prophet Mohammad SM, and his declarations; They will not, matter of fact they can’t even enter the gate of Hell for their crimes

Conspiracy of Self Proclaimed Second Caliph Umar along with his associates – Talha Ibn Ubaidullah, Zubair Ibn Awm, Saad Ibn Waqqas and Abdur Rahman Ibn Awf

Talha Ibn Ubaidullah, Zubair Ibn Awm, Saad Ibn Waqqas and Abdur Rahman Ibn Awf were all Meccan, but they were not Quraish. Amongst them, Talha and Zubair were very close relative to Ayesha. They were definitely present and witness amongst the Sahabas of Prophet Mohammad (SM) during the Ghadir-E-Khum declaration. They were also present during the chaos after Prophet Mohammad (SM)’s departure to Heaven as close associate to (Self Proclaimed) Second Caliph Umar. They had always created conspiracies along with Umar (Self Proclaimed Caliph) and others against Prophet Mohammed (SM) and his Ahle-Bayt.

It is confirmed that, When (Self Proclaimed) Second Caliph Umar was injured from assassination attempt, he personally had declared six members “So-called” council for the selection of the next Caliph, which consisted of the following “So-callled” Sahabas Talha ibn Ubaidullah, Zubair Ibn Al-Awam, Saad Ibn Waqqas, Abdur Rahman Ibn Awf, but to bring legitimacy for such “So-Called” Council Umar had added Hazrat Ali (RA) and Hazrat Uthman RA. But Hazrat Ali (RA) never accepted such recommendation of Umar, because he had always been the Crown of Ahle Bayt as well as Holy Prophet Mohammad SM bestowed him as the Calipha-Tul Muslimeeen at Ghadir E Khum. Umar the second Caliph was killed for his misconduct by one of the businessman of Madinah name Persian Piruz Nahavandi.

Talha along with Zubair had orchestrated the whole conspiracy of Battle of Camel between Hazrat Ali (RA) and Ayesha after the assassination of Hazrat Uthman (RA) third Caliph. It may be mentioned here that, Talha and Zubair was directly involved in initiating the appointment cunning Marwan ibn Hakam as Chief Secretary to Hazrat Uthman (RA)’s Khilafa. It was Marwan Ibn Hakam whom had orchestrated the conspiracy to assassinate Hazrat Uthman (RA) with the help of Moabiya Ibn Abu-Sufiyan. They were also the conspirator of falsely accusing innocent Hazrat Ali (RA) for the murder of Hazrat Uthman RA.

Once upon a time, Prophet Mohammad (SM) had prophesied about a Fitna against Hazrat Ali (RA) that would take place in his Ummah, which would be led by one of his misguided Wife. During the lifetime of Prophet Mohammad (SM) in presence of Hazrat Abu Bakkar RA, Hazrat Fatima (SA) & Ayesha had authorized Hazrat Ali (RA) to divorce that misguided wife. Certainly, Hazrat Ali (RA) was compelled to apply such divorce action to Ayesha in Battle of Camel for her conspiracy. Unfortunately there were already casualties of 18000 innocent Sahabas. One of the initiator of the Fitna War (Battle of Camel) Talha Ibn Ubaidullah was killed during this battle. Finally, Hazrat Ali (RA), was compelled to declare martial law to be the fourth Caliph and Chief administrator of the Muslim World.

Abu Bakar was Misguided by Umar To be The First Caliph, of So-Called Calipha – E – Rashidun

Why did Abu Bakar, had seized Hazrat Fatima (RA)’s only Date Garden that was given by the Prophet Mohammad SM? Prophet Mohammad (SM) had given this Date garden to Hazrat Fatima (RA), in an Official Deed, signed by the Prophet Mohammad SM, Witnessed by Hazrat Ali RA, Hazrat Hasan, Hussein RA. Although Abu Bakar’s contribution towards establishment of Islam is very much appreciated. But unfortunately, he fell into the trap of munafiqs of Islam as well as Self proclaimed second Caliph Umar. 

His Eminency Dr. Hazrat Sheikh Shah Sufi M N Alam 43rd Direct Descendant of Prophet Mohammad SM asks the following questions to the whole Ummah:

Where did such title Calipha -E- Rashidun or Ashare Mubashera came from? 

Whom even given such authority to identify such titles?

Did Prophet Mohammed SM gave such titles to Abu Bakkar (RA), Umar or Hazrat Uthman (RA)?

Did Prophet Mohammed SM ever declared a list of ten right rightly guided Individuals? 

Answer is NO. 

It is clear as day light, if you ever commit a crime you must feel the need to hide it, hence such titles came into the limelight of the Muslim Ummah. His Eminency again states, why is there a need to be recognized as Sunni or Shia? There is none, if you LOVE, RESPECT and HONOR the Great Holy Prophet Mohammad SM as well as his crown Family (Ahle-Bayt) than you do not need any titles like Calipha-E-Rashidun or to be part of the Ashare Mubashera. 

At the last Pilgrimage of Holy Prophet Mohammad (SM), He Stated “Oh Mankind, I have fulfilled the Duty of the Allah The Almighty, This is my last message to all the true followers, I am leaving you the book of Allah and my family members (Ahle-Bayt) (Hazrat Ali (A), Hazrat Fatima-tuzhora (A) Hazrat Hassan & Hussein A). If you hold the Qitabullah (Holy Quran) along with my Ahle-Bayt, than You will not go ashtray (misguided). I am also urging to you beloved followers, You must pay proper respect to the my Ahle-Bayt for my Blessings along with Allah’s Blessings. 

But What happened on 61 Hijri at the Battle of Karbala?

The Muslim Ummah got divided into Two Groups. One Group under the leadership Hazrat Hussein (A) had only 83 members at Karbala (Whom are at the Right path) and the other Munafiq group consisting of 22000 members under the leadership of Yazid ibn Moabia (Whom were misguided). Yazid’r munafiq group had killed and murdered 77 members from Ahle-Bayt. Only Hazrat Zainul Abideen (A) along with Zainab Binte Abu Talib and their family members were alive to distribute the true reality of Islam Today.

In Lifetime of Prophet Mohammad (SM), openly declared that, after my departure of Heaven, there will be two groups, Under the leadership of Hazrat Hussein (A), will be the beacon of true Islam, in another group Yazid Ibn Moabia will have the misguided followers such as Sunni, Shia, Wahabi, Selafi, Tabhlighi, Jamate Islami, Ahle-Sunnah, Ahmadiya, Kadiyani, Rafidiyas, Khawaraji as well as 72 total of sects whom will be directly going to Jahannam. 

10 Qualities of a Believer Described in the Qur’an

Successful indeed are the believers. Those who offer their Salat (prayers) with all solemnity and full submissiveness. And those who turn away from Al-Laghw (dirty, false, evil vain talk, falsehood, and all that Allah has forbidden). And those who pay the Zakat . And those who guard their chastity (i.e. private parts, from illegal sexual acts) except from their wives or (the captives and slaves) that their right hands possess, for then, they are free from blame. But whoever seeks beyond that, then those are the transgressors. Those who are faithfully true to their Amanat (all the duties which Allah has ordained, honesty, moral responsibility and trusts etc.) and to their covenants. And those who strictly guard their (five compulsory congregational) Salawat (prayers) (at their fixed stated hours). These are indeed the inheritors. Who shall inherit the Firdaus (Paradise). They shall dwell therein forever. — Qur’an 23[Al-Muminoon]: 1–11 

Immoral Activities of Umar, So-Called Second Caliph & Agent of Abu-Sufiyan ibn Harb ibn Ummaiya

During the advent of Prophet Mohammad SM (PBUH)’s new religion “Islam”, Abu-Sufiyan had hired Umar with 1000 camels to kill the Holy Prophet. At such gruesome time, On one side it was Abu Lahab ibn Abdul Mutalib and on the other it was Umar, in mecca, So Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) raised his hand to Almighty, “Oh Allah, accept either one of them for the cause of Islam”, Almighty Allah granted Prophet’s prayer by giving a temporary chance to Umar between two gangster of satans, but unfortunately he could not maintain his dignity in Faith and proper rule of Islamic Sharia & Religion. Umar had always shown his dissent to Prophet Mohammad SM (PBUH)’s decisions. So, One Day Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) had asked Umar, “Umar what do you want?” in response Umar replied “You, ya Rasul Allah”, Prophet had asked again, “What do you love the most?” in response Umar replied “I haven’t been able to love you more than myself and my wealth”, Prophet responded, “True, Your Statement is True, Continue your effort, but I know who are you and what do you want”. It may be mentioned here that, If someone wants to attain the outmost imaan, he/she must love Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and his Ahle-Bayt more than their own self or anything in this world, in accordance of the Holy Quran.

Upon the Farewell Pilgrimage, Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) had given a declaration of successor-ship at Ghadir E Khum, in Which munafiq companion Abu Bakar, Umar along with their gangsters like Talha, Zubair, Saad Ibn Waqqas, Abdur Rahman Ibn Awf was present, but they did not mention or acknowledged such important declaration once for their own interest during the chaos (Saqifah) that took place after Prophet Mohammad SM (PBUH)’s departure to heaven. Right after Prophet’s departure under Umar’s leadership in his own house with gangster associates like Talha, Zubair, Saad Ibn Waqqas, Abdur Rahman Ibn Awf, Abu Ubaida ibn Al-Jarrah by direct influence of Abu-Sufiyan and Hinda started the conspiracy of the Islam’s Successor-ship. They have wasted 48 hours in Umar’s house with no leader being chosen. Finally Umar came into Abu Bakar House again wasting another 24 hours but not once did they think about the Prophet’s Body or the Janazah. Even Ayesha was witness to the Umar’s whole plan and conspiracy.

Finally, He raised his sword and shouted “I take baiyat under Abu Bakar because Abu Bakar led the prayer while Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) was on his death bed for 3 days, and he is the father-in-law of Prophet Mohammad SM (PBUH)”, accordingly all the the munafiqs Ayesha, Talha, Zubair, Saad Ibn Waqqas, Abdur Rahman Ibn Awf, Abu Ubaida ibn Al-Jarrah as well as others swore in their allegiance to Abu-Bakar. It should be noted that, Hazrat Ali RA never attended their so-called counsel. Hazrat Ali RA was always inside the Prophet’s Holy House during this chaos. Unfortunately, Ayesha never attended Prophet’s burial because she was associated with Abu Bakar and Umar’s Conspiracy. After selecting Abu Bakar as the caliph, they finally stormed towards Hazrat Ali RA in Prophet’s house, only to find Hazrat Ali (RA) had already completed the burial of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) as desired by Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and prophesied during his lifetime.

Important point to note, the following most influential people did not take baiyat (oath of allegiance) to Abu Bakar.

  1. Abbas ibn Abd al-Muttalib
  2. Hazrat Abu Ayuub Al-Ansari RA
  3. Abu Buraidah Al-Aslami
  4. Abu Dhar Al-Ghifari
  5. Al-Bara Ibn Azib
  6. Hazrat Ali RA
  7. Ammar Ibn Yasir
  8. Hazrat Bilal Ibn Rabah
  9. Fadl Ibn Abbas
  10. Farwah Ibn Amr ibn Wadqa Al-Ansari
  11. Hazrat Fatima (SA), Hassan Ibn Ali & Hussain Ibn Ali (RA)
  12. Hazrat Hudhaifah RA
  13. Khalid Ibn Sai’d
  14. Salman Parsi

During the So-called Caliphate of Abu Bakar, Umar was the Chief adviser to the administrations. Abu Bakar known to be closest companions of Prophet Mohammad SM (PBUH), unfortunately even he neglected the Ghadir E Khum declaration of Prophet’s successor to be Hazrat Ali RA. When Abu Bakar was poisoned by gangsters of Umar and on his death bed, he had selected “Umar” as his successor to Calipha, by conspiracy of Umar’s Associates.

During the Battle of Ohud, Umar was one of the individuals who broke the ranks of the soldiers to collect booty of the war, leaving Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) totally vulnerable to enemy attacks. When the enemy attacked, Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) had lost a tooth along with 72 Sahabahs, whom were martyred because of Umar’s conspiracy. It was recorded by Imam Muslim about Hazrat Awais Al-Qarni RA of Qaran, Yemen. He couldn’t meet the beloved prophet due to his service towards his ill mother. When he heard of the incident of Prophet’s lost tooth at the battle of Ohud, Out of Love, respect and honor of the Beloved Prophet Mohammad SM (PBUH), he took off all of his tooth. Accordingly, During Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in his lifetime, directed Hazrat Ali RA, to find this beloved companion and pass him the Gift of his Personal Spiritual Cloak (Holy Jubba), also directed Hazrat Ali RA to ask Hazrat Awais Al-Qarni to pray for the Muslim Ummah. During the Umar’s Calipha When Hazrat Ali (RA) and Umar set out to visit Hazrat Awais Al-Qarni (RA), Umar was very curious as to Why Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) had chosen this Man from Qaran, Yemen for such honorable Gift and Why Not Him. When they finally arrived and met him in his house in Qaran Nagar, Yemen; they waited for him to finish his prayer. Upon finishing his prayer Hazrat Awis Al-Qarni Came to meet them, and asked them “who are you peoples, I am receiving beautiful fragrance from my beloved Prophet of Medina”, And Hazrat Ali RA humbly replied “I am from the Prophet’s Family, and I have a special gift for you From the Holy Prophet”, And than Hazrat Awis Al-Qarni Asked Umar in strong voice, “Open Your mouth Umar, and he did, Upon seeing all of his tooth in place” He reminded him of the Battle of Ohud and showed him his mouth where there were no tooth. That’s the type of Love, Honor and Respect Hazrat Awis Al-Qarni had for beloved Prophet Mohammad SM. Hazrat Awais Al-Qarni’s life teaches us Musims to earn the highest ranks of close companion of the Holy Prophet, by showing such Love, Respect and honor for the beloved Prophet Mohammad SM.

One of the greatest injustice caused by Umar was his decision to replace Khalid Bin Walid as a Commander in Chief of Muslim Army. It is recorded in history, Khalid Bin Walid was known as Sword of Allah “Saifullah” (Title and designation as Commander in Chief of Muslim Army Given by Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) for the Battle of Mu’tah) but “how dare Umar siege such power from Khalid bin Walid?” If it wasn’t for Khalid Bin Walid, Islam wouldn’t have reached Syria, Iraq, Jerusalem, Europe or the Western World. Upon witnessing Khalid Bin Walid’s success, Umar felt fear that he might loose his position as a Caliph because of his own immoral activities. But Khalid Bin Walid felt no shame in letting go of his title as Commander in Chief to a normal soldier like Abu Ubaiyada, because he became a true Muslim and Mumi`n as well as he declared as Commander of Muslim Army, He said, “I had some boundary and limitation, but now I am free of the boundary and limitation”. Accordingly, he continued as simple soldier himself and he conquered many non-muslim territories including Holy Jerusalem. It should be mentioned here that, Umar could never claim the victory of Jerusalem if it wasn’t for Khalid Bin Walid’s bravery and his tactical warfare intelligence. Umar’s entry into Jerusalem was also a eye-wash to the enemy, Umar had fear for his life hence he made himself look like a slave rather a Leader of Muslim Ummah upon entering into Holy Jerusalem gate. Khalid Bin Walid’s only mistake was in the beginning of the advent of Islam and the Prophet Mohammad SM (PBUH), when fought alongside Abu-Sufian, but he gave all his life to rectify himself. After Prophet’s departure, he was always on the battle field for the cause of spreading Islam. He departed on 642 in Emesa, Syria during Umar’s Calipha. Although he had a dream to being a Shaheed he died a normal death. Islamic History can’t not be written without the mention of Khalid Bin Walid, this small paragraph doesn’t hold the honor to write his legacy.

After Abu Bakar gave his daughter Ayesha to Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) as a wife. Umar also had a cunning thought that he should also try to attain the title as a Father in law of the Prophet. Hence he got his daughter Hafsa married to Prophet Mohammad SM (PBUH), after her husband died and she became a widow. Hafsa along with Ayesha always made conspiracies against Prophet Mohammad SM. They were so cunning with their activities against Prophet Mohammad SM (PBUH), that Once Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) left them and stayed at the Mashjid till a verse was revealed, “Why do you forbid yourself from what Allah has made lawful for you? (66:1)”.

It is confirmed that, When Self-Proclaimed Second Caliph Umar was injured from assassination attempt, he personally had declared six members “So-called” counsel for the selection of the next Caliph, which consisted of the following “So-callled” munafiq Sahabahs Talha ibn Ubaidullah, Zubair Ibn Al-Awam, Saad Ibn Waqqas, Abdur Rahman Ibn Awf, but to bring legitimacy for such “So-Called” Counsel Umar was compel to add Hazrat Ali (RA) and Uthman for eye-wash. But Hazrat Ali (RA) never accepted such recommendation of Umar, because he had always been the Crown of Ahle Bayt as well as Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) bestowed him as the Calipha-Tul Muslimeeen at Ghadir E Khum. Umar the second Caliph was killed for his misconduct by one of the businessman of Medina name Persian Piruz Nahavandi.

Before the advent of Islam, Munafiq Ummaiyad Clan was very powerful influential clan among the Quraiysh. But after Islam had matured into a strong powerful administration during Prophet Mohammad SM (PBUH)’s lifetime Ummaiyad clan’s power had diminished into ashes. It was Umar and followed by Uthman that revived the Ummaiyad clan into powerful cunning force again by appointing all Ummaiyads as well as other immoral Muslim Munafiqs into various important powerful administrative positions.

Amongst most of the heinous crimes of Umar, his ultimate crime was appointing Muawiyah Ibn Abu-Sufiyan to be the governor of Syria. Even though there were several accusations of Muawiyah Ibn Abu-Sufiyan, Umar had always over looked his immoral activities. According to Tabari’s VI History book, “Once Umar had visited Muawiyah Ibn Abu Sufiyan in Damascus to confront him of his activities; unfortunately, Muawiyah always baffled Umar with his so-called wise words. It was very apparent that Umar was helpless against Muawiyah ibn Abu-Sufiyan.

According to His Eminency Dr. Hazrat Sheikh Shah Sufi M N Alam (MA), A true Muslim with iman can never be afraid to meet his creator, except if he knows he had done immoral activities that he feels guilty off. And certainly Umar had such fear in his heart when he was dying on his death bed. He asked his Son Abdullah to ask Ayesha to seek permission to be buried next to Prophet Mohammad SM (PBUH). Upon hearing such request Ayesha (Prophet’s divorced Wife) the “so called mother of Muslim Ummah” a title given by Umar himself and Umar’s gang member, couldn’t say no. Moreover, it is crystal clear that their reason to be buried next to Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) gives unconditional validity to their so-called Caliphate-ship. As History unfolded their illegitimate Caliphate continued to be filled with lies which were backed by So-called hadiths that were compiled by Bukhari, Tirmidhi, Abu-Dawud or Mishkat. His Eminency states the graves of Abu Bakar and Umar should be excavated to move elsewhere in order to make room for Imam Mahdi and Hazrat Isa (PBUH)/Jesus Christ in the time of Imam Mahdi; because of their immoral activities and various crimes against Islam also their so-called invented title Calipha-e-Rashidun as wells as their so-called proclamation of “Ashare-Mubashara”.

Authentic History of Ayesha
So-Called “Mother of Muslim Ummah”

There are various version of Information regarding Ayesha’s Marriage to Prophet Mohammad SM (PBUH). It is certain that, she was the Third Wife to be wedded to Prophet Mohammad SM (PBUH). Prophet Mohammad SM (PBUH)’s first beloved wife Hazrat Khadija Tul-Kubra’s (SA) departure to Heaven caused tremendous heart ache to Holy Prophet Mohammad SM (PBUH). Prophet had wonderful Love and Honor for his beloved wife Hazrat Khadija Tul-Kubra (SA), for which Prophet didn’t even think to marry for very long time. Upon witnessing such depression of Holy Prophet, some munafiq as well as Abu Bakar Siddique the so-called close companion to Prophet Mohammad SM (PBUH), had roamed around Arabia to find a bride. Unfortunately there were superstitions amongst the Arab to not marry to any Widows. At such situation, one of the munafiq had suggested why Abu Bakar doesn’t marry his daughter (Ayesha) to Prophet Mohammad SM (PBUH). Upon receiving such suggestion, Abu Bakar with his self-ambition the so-called close companion to Prophet Mohammad SM (PBUH), had approached the Holy Prophet and asked “Oh Prophet of Allah, I have a request for you, if you can accept my daughter as your lawful wedded wife, I would be honored”. Upon hearing such request, Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) replied “Ya Abu Bakar, are you sure, she is still young as child”, But Abu Bakar insisted strongly. It may be mentioned here that, she was nine years old at the time she was married to Prophet Mohammad SM (PBUH), by the time she was brought into prophet’s house; she had already reached her puberty or physical maturity.

Ayesha had always given Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) hard time. She had jealousy issue with Prophet’s wife  Zainab bint Khuzaymah RA, Once she had conspired with Prophet’s fourth Wife Hafsa binte Umar Ibn Khattab to collaborate against Zainab bint Khuzaymah RA; Although Zainab use to be very rich but much older than Ayesha and Hafsa, She would always strive to make the best food for Prophet Mohammad SM (PBUH). Zainab bint Khuzaymah RA had told Prophet, “Ya rasulallah, All I ask is that, You have breakfast in my house in the Morning”, She use to make a Honey Smoothie drink that Prophet use to love. Out of jealousy Ayesha and Hafsa made a plan to tell the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) that his breath had bad odor after coming from Zainab’s House. This made Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) so angry and asked Ayesha “Oh Ayesha weren’t you the one that said My Sweat use to smell better than Yemeni Fragrance Oil?, Weren’t You the one that collected my sweat to wear around outside?, Now Today I have bad breath?” After that Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) left his home stayed in Masjid till Allah the almighty had revealed a verse “Why do you forbid yourself from what Allah has made lawful for you? (66:1)”. Finally they both confessed of their plan against Zainab bint Khuzaymah RA.

Ayesha had lot of hatred and jealousy towards Hazrat Ali (RA) because he always spoken the truth as well as understood all of her cunningness. She could not tolerate the sight of Hazrat Ali RA, Hazrat Fatima SA along with Hazrat Hassan and Hussein RA. Whenever Prophet Mohammad SM (PBUH), along with Hazrat Ali (RA) would return home from War or other important duties, Ayesha would never greet Hazrat Ali (RA) out of jealousy, there were times she didn’t even greet the holy Prophet because he was accompanied by Hazrat Ali (RA). But Hazrat Fatima (SA), would always wait eagerly for them, she would not ever miss a chance to greet them. When they came from outside she would always bring fresh dates and water for them.

Ayesha’s Close associates were mainly, Talha ibn Ubaidullah, Zubair Ibn Al-Awam, Saad Ibn Waqqas, Abdur Rahman Ibn Awf. All four of them along with other influential munafiqs like Abu Sufiyan, Hinda and their son Muawiyah Ibn Abu Sufian, Abdullah Ibn Ubaiyy as well as Marwan Ibn Hakam were involved in most of the conspiracy in Mecca and Medina that took place during Prophet’s lifetime as well as after Prophet’s departure. After Prophet’s departure she would go to Mecca in the name of Pilgrimage which was sponsored by the State treasury to meet Abu Sufiyan, Hinda as well as others to conspire against Hazrat Ali (RA).

Ayesha was also direct influence and witness to the conspiracy that kept Hazrat Ali RA from being The First and the rightful successor to Prophet Mohammad SM (PBUH)’s successor-ship, which Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) had declared at the Ghadir E Khum. She directly conspired with her father Abu Bakar and Umar along with Talha ibn Ubaidullah, Zubair Ibn Al-Awam, Saad Ibn Waqqas, Abdur Rahman Ibn Awf, Abu Ubaida ibn Al-Jarrah right after the Prophet Mohammad SM (PBUH)’s departure to heaven. Certainly, Ayesha was direct witness and collaborator to the Umar’s whole plan and conspiracy to ignore the Ghadir E Khum declaration by Prophet Mohammad SM (PBUH).

Ayesha’s ultimate conspiracy and heinous crime was the Battle of Camel, which took place in direct involvement of her close associates like Talha ibn Ubaidullah, Zubair Ibn Al-Awam, Saad Ibn Waqqas, Abdur Rahman Ibn Awf. She was so cunning that she totally disregarded Prophet Mohammad SM (PBUH)’s prophecy. Before Prophet Mohammad SM (PBUH)’s departure, in presence of Abu Bakar, Hazrat Ali RA, Hazrat Fatima SA Prophet called in Ayesha and stated “In my absence one of my misguided wife will cause great Fitna that would cause the destruction of this Ummah, at that time, I am giving Ali My son-in-law the authority to divorce that misguided wife”, Prophet SM (PBUH) Signed and Sealed the declaration and handed it over to Hazrat Ali RA. Ayesha asked Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) “How will we know who will be that misguided wife”, In response Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) responded, “When that misguided wife goes on a caravan and rest near Basra at a place called Haw’ab, and She will hear 22 dogs bark at the same time”. However, this incident did in fact take place when she conspired with Talha ibn Ubaidullah, Zubair Ibn Al-Awam and Marwan Ibn Hakam on the Battle of Camel for suspecting Hazrat Ali RA for the Murder of Uthman. Unfortunately Ayesha was misguided by her associates like Talha and Zubair upon hearing the dogs barking, they conveyed it wasn’t 22 dogs it was only 6, so she continued with her caravan to the Battle of Camel. And Finally, when she was confronted by Hazrat Ali (RA), and Hazrat Hasan (RA) read out Prophet Mohammad SM (PBUH)’s divorce declaration she was reluctant to head back to Medina. His Eminency Dr. Hazrat Sheikh Shah Sufi M N Alam (MA) states, How can Ayesha be considered to be Prophet’s wife after such declaration, in fact she was not Prophet Mohammad SM (PBUH)’s wife. After the Battle of Camel, this brought over 20000 Muslim casualties along with such division in the Muslim Ummah, which still to this day could not be recovered and certainly will not be recovered until the arrival of Imam Mahdi (PBUH) and reemergence of Jesus Christ (Prophet Isa) (PBUH).

There are over 5000 fake hadiths that were transmitted in the name Ayesha the so-called “mother of the Muslim Ummah”, along with Abu Huraira (Father of Cat). Because of their close companionship along with their gangsters like Abu Sufiyan, Hinda, Muawiyah Ibn Abu Sufian, Umar Ibn Khattab, Talha ibn Ubaidullah, Zubair Ibn Al-Awam, Saad Ibn Waqqas, Abdur Rahman Ibn Awf they were able to declare titles such as “Calipha E Rashidun” along with “Ashare-Mubashara” as authentic but in reality those titles were the ultimate Bida’h for the Muslim Ummah. An Important point to note, Ayesha was married to Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) at the age of 9 and at the time of Prophet’s departure she was merely 18 years old, She was definitely physically mature but under no circumstances it is acceptable to comprehend that she understood the Prophet Mohammad SM (PBUH)’s decisions in Religious jurisprudence, Sharia or Spirituality to have such authority to transmit those so-called hadiths. It should be noted that, after her death it was Abu Huraira (Father of Cat) that prayed her Janazah and none of the Prophet’s close family members were present during her Janazah.

Ayesha the “so called mother of Muslim Ummah” a title given by Umar was permitted to be buried inside Prophet’s House. It may be mentioned here that, How can Ayesha give such permission to Umar or her father to be buried next to Prophet Mohammad SM (PBUH). She did not inherit the whole house of Prophet Mohammad SM (PBUH), there was also other wives of the Prophet as well as Hazrat Fatima (SA) whom are the legal inheritor of Prophet’s property. This action of Ayesha is totally illegal.

His Eminency states the grave of Ayesha should be excavated from Prophet’s Wives grave area in Jannatul Baqi in the time of Imam Mahdi (PBUH), since she does not hold the title of Holy Prophet’s wife because she was divorced.

The above information gathered and collected from the resources of His Eminency Dr. Hazrat Sheikh Shah Sufi M N Alam (MA), 43rd direct descendant from the Holy Prophet Mohammad SM (PBUH). His Eminency States, there is no Sunni, Shia, Selafi, Wahabi, Tabhlighi, Jamate-Islami, Ahle-Sunnah Al Jamah or any of the 72 sects. All you need is to LOVE, RESPECT and HONOR the Great Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) as well as his crown Family (Ahle-Bayt) to be accepted by Almighty Allah.

Prophet Mohammad SM (PBUH)’s wives and their characteristics

List of Prophet’s Wives:

  1. Khadija Tul-Kubra binte Khawylid SA – Meccan Quraysh

Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) married her when she was a widow, when she was at the age of 40. She was married twice, but both of her previous husbands had passed away. She had two daughters, she was the ONLY billionaire in the Arab world at that time, but she had no peace. When she decided she would not marry again due to the Arabic Superstitions. During her father’s last days he made her promise to remarry again. After her Father had passed away she became totally alone, and she met up with one of her cousin name Waraqa ibn Nafal a Priest to consult about her marriage. He instructed her to meet heavenly man named “Mohammad” (Prophet SM (PBUH)), to whom she suddenly fell in love with. She was the most beloved out of all the wives of Prophet Mohammad SM (PBUH), Hazrat Fatima SA was also their child. If it wasn’t for Hazrat Khadija Tul-Kubra (SA), Islam probably wouldn’t be as established as it is today. She played the important anchoring role for the advent of Islam and Holy message of Prophet Mohammad SM (PBUH). Prophet Mohammad SM (PBUH), Didn’t marry for long time due to her departure to heaven. It may be mentioned here that, She was the only wife that Prophet really loved and honored, all the other wives that prophet married were for all different reasons or Allah’s direct directions.

2. Sawdah bint Zam’ah ibn Qays RA – Abyssinian

After five years Prophet (PBUH) finally married Sawdah, who was a widow and had a child, to Look after Hazrat Fatima SA. She was one of most kind and charitable wife of Prophet Mohammad SM (PBUH). She was still alive when Prophet Mohammad (SM) (PBUH) had departed. She died at very end of Umar’s Calipha.

3. Ayesha Binte Abu Bakar – Meccan (Divorced)

She was queen of all conspiracies and brought a complete destruction to the True Islam. She was 9 years old when prophet married her. Later she was divorced by Hazrat Ali (RA), a power of authority given by Prophet Mohammad SM (PBUH), in presence of Abu Bakar and Hazrat Fatima SA because of her conspiracy of Battle of Camel against Hazrat Ali (RA). She lived for another 40 years after Prophet Mohammad SM’s departure and played huge role in opposing Ghadir E Khum declaration.

4. Hafsa binte Umar ibn Khattab (RA) – Meccan

She was a widow, and married to Prophet Mohammad (SM) (PBUH) when she was 19 years old. It was thru her Umar had family ties with Prophet Mohammad SM (PBUH). She wasn’t as cunning as Ayesha. But she always conspired with Ayesha against Prophet Mohammad SM (PBUH). She was married to Prophet Mohammad (SM) (PBUH) for 8 years, and she lived another 34 years. Although she didn’t directly support Ayesha in the Battle of Camel, she also didn’t oppose Ayesha.

5. Zaynab bint Khuzaymah RA – Abyssinian

She was a widow; she was one of the wives that wasn’t a Quraysh. She was only married to Prophet Mohammad (SM) (PBUH) for a year and she passed away.

6. Umm Salamah bint Abi Umayyah RA – Meccan

She was married to Abu Salamah first. They were among the early converts to Islam. They were tortured very severely by the Quraysh. Later they migrated to Medina after Prophet Mohammad SM (PBUH)’s instruction. After Abu Salama was seriously injured in the battle of Ohud, he prayed for her to be married with better man than him, hence Prophet Mohammad (SM) (PBUH) married her on fourth Hijri. She was one of most intelligent wife of Prophet Mohammad SM (PBUH). She acted as Prophet’s adviser to construct the treaty of Hudhaybia. She also played a huge role during the Battle of Camel against Ayesha. She was a strong supporter of Hazrat Ali RA. She also had her son fight in the ranks of Hazrat Ali RA against Ayesha. She died at the age of 84 in 64 hijri. She was buried in Jannatul Baqi next to all the other Prophet’s wives.

7. Juwayriyya bint al-Harith (RA) – Meccan

After the Muslims Battle with Banu Mustaliq, Muslims had captured the whole Banu Mustaliq Tribe. There was only one casualty whom was the husband of Juwairiyya bint al-Harith. Prophet Mohammad (SM) (PBUH) married her and set her free. Upon seeing such action by Prophet Mohammad SM (PBUH), the entire clan of Banu Mustaliq let their wife live free and converted to Islam. She continued her life as pious Muslim and always use to indulge herself in prayers. She died in 50th hijri, long after Prophet’s departure.

8. Zaynab bint Jahsh (RA) – Meccan

The Marriage between Prophet Mohammad (SM) (PBUH) and Zaynab Binte Jahsh has been directly commenced by the Almighty Allah. At first, she was married to Prophet Mohammad SM (PBUH)’s adopted Son Zayd Ibn Harith, but that marriage didn’t work out due each of their social status. After their divorce and She Completed her waiting period. Prophet Mohammad (SM) (PBUH) received revelation to marry Zaynab (al-Ahzaab 33:37). She was amongst the pious wife of Prophet Mohammad SM (PBUH), she passed away during Umar Calipha.

9. Umm Habiba Ramla bint Abu Sufyan (RA) – Meccan

She was amongst the early converts to accept Islam. She was first married to Ubaydullah ibn Jahsh. After the Quraysh persecution they had migrated to Abyssinia, they had a daughter. Unfortunately, Ubaydullah ibn Jahsh converted to Christianity which led her to divorce. She continued to lead a simple life, made several dua to have better husband. Finally, in the first hijri Prophet Mohammad (SM) (PBUH) had sent proposal to marry her because of her lonely situation. Prophet Mohammad (SM) (PBUH) was kind enough to consider her situation. At the wedding Abyssinian Christian King Negus had given 400 dirhams of dowry. She had migrated to Medina in 8th Hijri.

10. Maria al-Qibtiyya (RA) – Egyptian

She was an honorable and respectable woman; she was princess of Egypt, She was sent as Gift to Prophet Mohammad SM (PBUH). After their marriage she only spent three years of her life with the Holy Prophet (PBUH), they had a Son named Ibrahim. Unfortunately, Almighty Allah brought him back to Heaven, while the munafiq’s were disrespecting the Holy Prophet (SM) (PBUH); Allah Revealed “Indeed, We have granted you, [O Mohammad], al-Kawthar. So pray to your Lord and sacrifice [to Him alone]. Indeed, your enemy is the one cut off” (Holy Quran 108:1-3).  After Prophet Mohammad SM (PBUH)’s departure, she had lost the two most important people in her life. She lived five years after Prophet’s departure. She died in 16 AH and she was buried in Jannatul Baqi.  

11. Safiyyah bint Huyayy ibn Akhtab (RA) – Medinan

She was from Jewish tribe Banu Qurayza. Prophet Mohammad (SM) (PBUH) married her after the battle of Khaybar. After converting to Islam, she continued to be pious and faithful believer.

12. Maymuna bint al-Harith (RA) – Meccan

She married Prophet Mohammad (SM) (PBUH) in 7th Hijri. She was widow as well. She was amongst the pious wife of Prophet Mohammad SM (PBUH). Prophet Mohammad SM (PBUH) married her upon Maymuna’s request. Almighty Allah had revealed verse “Any believing woman who dedicates herself to the Prophet if the Prophet wishes to wed her, that is only for thee and not for the believers. (Holy Quran 33:50).

13. Rayhana bint Zayd (RA) – Medinan

She was from Jewish tribe of Banu Nadir, She was married to a man from Banu Quraiyza. When the Muslims defeated Banu Quraiyza, her husband died, hence she became a Widow and prisoner of War. But Prophet Mohammad (SM) (PBUH) Set her free and later married her after she became Muslim.

Marwan Ibn Al-Hakam’s Treachery Against Islam & The Ummah

Marwan Ibn Hakam is the name of the biggest hypocrite in the entire Islamic Ummah. His gangsters are Ayesha Binte Abu Bakar, Talha ibn Ubaidullah, Zubair Ibn Al-Awam, Saad Ibn Waqqas, Abdur Rahman Ibn Awf. His activities destroyed the legacy of Islam and Uthman ibn Affan. He was from the cunning family of Banu Ummaiya of Quraish. Marwan’s father Al-Hakam was a renown criminal to always oppose Prophet Mohammad SM and Islam, hence he was expelled from Mecca to Ta’if.  Al-Hakam accepted Islam when Marwan was six years old. The gangsters of Abu Sufiyans manipulated Uthman to have Al-Hakam and his bastard son Marwan return to Mecca and Medina. Uthman’s biggest mistake was to fall into the trap of Abu Sufiyan and cunning Umar’s gangs by appointing Marwan in Military Campaign against the Byzantines.

After being in the Military Campaign against the Byzantines in Exarchate of Carthage he collected huge amount of war loots, which he utilized to buy property in Medina. His ultimate target was to gain the trust of Uthman by depositing a big amount of loots to the Uthman’s Treasury. At first, he became the Governor of Parsia but very cunning way he paved the way for Secretary of Uthman. Once he became the Chief Secretary of Uthman, he started to show his cunning character which was foreshadow of his father’s treacherous immoral activities. Marwan along with Talha ibn Ubaidullah and Zubair Ibn Al-Awam’s deceitful activities started to create so much unrest that nearby governors and clans from Syria, Iraq and Egypt started to complain to Uthman. Marwan and Talha played the ultimate game by setting up Abu Bakar’s Son Mohammad to go to Egypt with a particular mission, and sent another group to Kill Mohammad Ibn Abu Bakar. Upon finding the truth Mohammad ibn Abu Bakar stormed inside Uthman’s house while Uthman was reciting the Holy Quran, and he asked “Did you send this order, and did you seal this letter?”, Upon seeing his own Seal Uthman said “Yes, that’s my Seal” and Mohammad Ibn Abu Bakar filled with anger struck his sword on Uthman’s head and killing him on the spot inside the Masjid a Nabawi.  

Later Marwan along with his associates Talha ibn Ubaidullah, Zubair Ibn Al-Awam along with Ayesha the so-called mother Muslim Ummah tried to falsely blame Hazrat Ali RA for the murder of Uthman Ibn Affan. Their gang members also conspired to implement the battle of camel with cunning Ayesha against Hazrat Ali RA. Fortunately, this bastard Marwan Ibn Hakam lived thru the battle of camel, later forgiven by Hazrat Ali RA, and expelled to Syria. But his treachery didn’t end there; he continued is immoral activities with Muaybia Ibn Abu Sufian against Hazrat Ali RA and fought alongside Muaybia against Hazrat Ali RA at the battle of Siffin. After the arbitration with Muaybia ibn Abu Sufiyan, and Hazrat Ali’s Assassination; he was appointed Governor of Bahrain and later Medina by Muaybia ibn Abu Sufiyan. Finally, he committed the ultimate treachery against Hazrat Hussain RA by setting up the plot with Yazid Ibn Muaybia at the Battle of Karbala. Although this bastard served as one of the so-called caliph of the Islamic Empire; he was killed by his own 3rd wife of Syria by suffocating him to death. His grave shall burn till the day judgment and he will not even enter the gates of hell.

Current So-Called Maolanas, Public Speakers & Hypocrites of Islam

Chief Imam of Mosjidul Haramain and Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Asheikh of Saudi Arabia are Wahabi, Najdi Alem. WSA advises Them to Learn Holy Quran Properly also Must be respectful properly to the Founder of Islam & Last Beloved Prophet of Mankind & Islam in accordance of Holy Quran Surah Ahzab 56 or else You must pay at the court of Allah & his Beloved Prophet Mohammad (SM) (PBUH) as well as to Imam Mahdi PBUH. DO NOT MISGUIDE AND MISLEAD THE MUSLIM COMMUNITY

1400 Years Ago, After the conquest of Mecca Prophet Mohammad (SM) (PBUH) While doing Tawaf, had Prayed for the People of Sham (Syria) and Then People of Yemen, Finally a third group came from Najd, requesting prayer, Prophet denied and Said in strong voice “The Horn of Shaitan will rise from Najd, which will cause greatest fitna amongst his Ummah”. Hence in 1740s AD Abd Al-Wahab along with Ibn Al-Saud made a pact to spread their Wahabi and Selafi version of Islam across the Arab Peninsula, which destroyed the back bone of Reality of Islam. After the 1920s, The Wahabi and Selafi movement had spread in the Indian Sub-Continent, primarily thru institutions like Deoband Madrasha, Qawami Madrasha and organizations like Jamate Islami, Tablighis as well as public figures like Zakir Naik, Kamal Uddin Jafri, Mijanur Rahman Ajhari, Tareq Monowar, Amir Humza, Delwar H. Sayedi, Ahmed Shafi, Junaid Babu Nogori, Mamunul Hoque, Abdur Razzak, Hafizur Rahman Sidiqque, Shifat Hossain some little childs Called “Shishu Bokta” of Bangladesh are being misled by the corrupt businessmans. The Wahabi and Selafi version of Islam lowers the identity and dignity of Holy Prophet Mohammad (SM) (PBUH), Allah the Almighty declared war against those who disrespects the Holy Prophet, also confirmed they have birth problems along with having several diseases, in accordance of Surah Al-Qalam, Holy Quran.  It is crystal clear they are supporters of ISCKON and fanatic Jews followers whom are working directly to destroy the real truth of Islam in Bangladesh.

It Should be mentioned here that, those who are proclaiming themselves as Muftis, Maolanas and Public Speakers but continuously disrespecting the Holy Prophet Mohammad (SM) (PBUH) and his family members, Almighty Allah directly burns their faces, hearts and minds. And They Do NOT have any light (Nur) on their face; hence they look like dogs, Pigs and direct descendants of Shaitan (Kafer). Those mentioned above should be punished in accordance of the Islamic Sharia for disrespecting the Holy Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (SM) (PBUH) and his Family Members (Ahle-Bayt).

There are so many Sufi Dorbars and Khanqas in Bangladesh which had been occupied by the so-called followers whom are actively destroying the True and Real teachings of Sufi Saints. Some of those of Khanqa, Dorbars and so-called Pirs are Hashmatullah of Aat Roshi from Faridpur, Dewanbagi from Aaarambagh Dhaka, Shorshina and Chormonai from Barishal, Kutubbagh from Farmgate Dhaka, So-called Pir from Saydabad Bus Terminal Dhaka, Anjumane Rahmania Sholo Shahar, Paichlaish, Chittagong, Joinpuri So-called Pir and Dorbarsharif from Maymanshing, Maizbhandar from Chittagong, Controversial Toriqot Federation, of Kakrail Bangladesh, Baitus Sharaf Dorbar, Dhoniwala Para, Kodomtoli, Chittagong, Tazul Islam Bishaw Dorbar of Amantola, Mithachora, Chittagong, So-Called Pir Ahmedullah 44 Azimpur Boro Dayera Sharif Dhaka, Bangladesh also so many others.

After the Battle of Karbala in 61 Hijri, The Muslim Ummah got divided into Two Groups. One Group under the leadership Hazrat Hussein (PBUH) had only 83 members at Karbala (Whom are at the Right path) and the other Munafiq group consisting of 22000 members under the leadership of Yazid ibn Muawiyah (Whom were misguided). Yazid’s munafiq group had killed and murdered 77 members from Ahle-Bayt. Only Hazrat Zainul Abideen (PBUH) and Zainab Binte Abu Talib (PBUH) along with their family members were alive to distribute the true reality of Islam Today.

In Lifetime of Prophet Mohammad (SM) (PBUH), Prophet openly declared that, after His departure to (Jannah) Heaven, there will be two groups, Under the leadership of Hazrat Hussein (PBUH), Which will be the beacon of true Islam and follower of his Family (Ahle-Bayt), in another group Yazid Ibn Muawiyah Which will have the misguided 72 sects of followers such as Sunni, Shia, Wahabi, Selafi, Tabhlighi, Jamate Islami, Ahle-Sunnah, Ahmadiya, Kadiyani, Rafidiyas, Khawaraji and other sects whom will be directly going to Jahannam (Hell Fire). His Eminency Dr. Hazrat Sheikh Shah Sufi M N Alam States, If you want to be a True Muslim, You MUST show Proper Love, Respect and Honor for the beloved Prophet Mohammad (SM) (PBUH) and his Family Members, With Your attitude, gratitude and actions.