Amirabad Sufia Dayemia Muslim Orphanage, Madrasha (Degree Level) & Education Examination Center

Location: Post Office:  Amirabad Madrasa, Police Stations: Lohagara, District: Chittagong, Bangladesh

Established: 1942 (Amirahbad Sufia Alia Madrasha)

Established: 1977 (Amirahbad Muslim Orphanage along with Technical Training Center along with Shatkania Police Station’s “Abu Musa Kalimullah (RA) Orphanage and Sufiabad Primary School. 

Inauguration: Amirahbad Muslim Orphanage, Sufia Alia Madrasha along with Technical Training center was innauragrated by Makkah-tul-Makkarama’s Chief Imam Sheikh Shobail bin Abdullah.    

Ibrahim Pur Sufi Azmatullah Orphanage, Madrasa, Mosque, Super Market and Poultry Farm

Location: Village: Ibrahimpur Police Stations: Nabinagar, District: B.Baria, Bangladesh

History: Over 200 years ago the Sufi Awliyas had been visiting the B.Baria district thru various health and wellness services preached Islam. Hazrat Shah Sufi Azmatullah (RA) had been beacon of hope among the local population of Nabinagar area. There are thaosands of followers of Hazrat Shah Sufi Azmatullah (RA) in and around B.Baria District. 

Every Year on the 11th Rabi -Us-Sani the Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani RA’s Fateha -E-Yazdham gets celebrated here at the Ibrahim Nabinagar Sufi Azmatullah Orphanage and Madrasha. 

Established: It was primarily established in 1980 for only 500 students along with student allowance up to TK. 500 Per student was sanctioned by the Bangladesh Government. 

Inauguration: In 1981 by Former Minister Mr. Syed Mohibul Hasan. 

The Dayemi Complex Bangladesh also has established 13 Mosques in the Area along with 27 Forkania Madrasha, 4 Primary Schools and 2 Social Service Offices and 2 Senior Madrashas accordingly. 

Demoshia Sufi Abu Mohammad Obaidullah Orphanage

Location: Village:  Demoshia, Police Stations: Chakaria, District: Cox’s Bazar Bangladesh

Dumrakandi Dayemia Orphanage

Location: Village:  Dhomrakandi, Police Station: Bancharampur, District: B.Baria Bangladesh

Manikgong Sufi Nurullah Orphanage & Madrasa

Location: Village:  Garpara Police Station: Manikganj District: Manikganj Bangladesh

Satbaria Shah Amanatullah Orphanage

Location: Police Station: Chandanaish, District: Chittagong, Bangladesh

The Dayemi  Complex Bangladesh under the Chittagong District funding had established 1 College, 1 High School, 1 Orphanage and 1 Forkania Madrasha along with 1 Primary School. 

Current Proposed Project:

Bujurgho Ummot Nagar Nizampur Porgana International Swaleheen Research Center

Location: Mirsharai, District: Chittagong, Bangladesh

The Dayemi Complex Bangladesh has proposed the project in Commemoration of all the Swaleheens and Greatest Sufi Saints who contributed their life for the cause of real Islam against the British Army. They had joined various battles in Indian Sub-Continent against the Sikhs and British. Finally, they migrated to Nizampur Porgana with Great Sufi Saint Hazrat Noor Mohammad Nizampuri (RA) of Maulihash, Mirsharai, Chittagong, Bangladesh along with forefather of Hazrat Maolana Abdul Goni (RA), particularly Hazrat Jorif Miah (RA) of Moghadia, Hazrat Raja Miah (RA) of East Haitkandi (Kochua), Great Sufi Saint of Chatta Daroga Hut Known as Hazrat Bura Moulobi Saab Huzur (RA) with his forefathers and Hazrat Zinnat Ali Miah (RA) of Gachbaria father of Hazrat Mohammad Miah (RA) of Chotokomoldoh, Mirsharai,  as well as forefather of Hazrat Maolana Wali Ahmed (RA) of Mithachara, Mirsharai, Chittagong. It may be mentioned here that, all the above mentioned Sufi Saint’s had migrated from Yemen and Medinatul-Monawara, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Project will be consists of the following and it will take up 20 acres of Land. 

    • Swaleheen Humanitarian and Welfare Health Development Project, Full fledget General Hospital with multiple purpose unit of the combined human development
    • Swaleheen International Spiritual Research Center
    • Swaleheen International Orphanage
    • Swaleheen International Training center with all logistic facilities
    • Hazrat Mohammad Miah (RA) Sufi Mosque with High Minarat & accommodation for attendance of 5,000 facility
    • Swaleheen Higher Education Islamic Institute/Madrasha