Dayemi Complex Bangladesh, DCB UN Inc.

An International Organization for Religious, Social, Educational, Humanitarian & Voluntary Services in Bangladesh in Consultative status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the U.N., United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) and U.N. PEACE MESSENGER Organization designated by the U.N. Secretary General in 1986) Federal Tax I.D. # 13-3639905, and Exempt Organizations Certificate No. EX218067, Registered as Non-profit Organization # 6045 with the State of New York, United States of America

Holy Azimpur Dayera Sharif is 700 years old Sufi Dynasty. A two-century old dynastical religious platform for the cause of human values housed in the religiously renowned premises of Dayera Sharif, in a densely populated area of the old historical place at Azimpur at the heart of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, culminated into an organizational set-up as the Dayemi Complex Bangladesh in the year 1969. This Dayera Sharif, the seat of religious and spiritual deliberation, bears 200 years old history. A lone dilapidated wall at its premises build after the Moghul structural pattern still stands as silent testimony to its glorious past. Here, from this great house the message of fraternity and universal brother-hood were preached and its values upheld by the great learned spiritual advocates occupying its seat as descendants of Prophet Mohammed (SM) (Peace be upon him). The Prophet Mohammad (SM)(PBUH) stated that, “The human beings are crowned creations of Almighty God & The descendants of Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) (SM)(PBUH) Christians, Jewish and Muslims are cousin brothers”, in accordance of The Holy Quran.

His Eminency Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed Dayemullah, the immediate past spiritual occupant of the House is the founder Chairperson of the Dayemi Complex Bangladesh which is named as such after his great family anecdote. He was devout saint with dynamic vision. His relentless efforts have gone to the formation of a spider web of the socio-economic activities of this organization throughout Bangladesh. He breathed his last breath in 1995 (May His soul rest in peace). During his 3rd visit to the Holy city of Mecca for pilgrimage in 1987 His Holiness Shah Sufi Syed Dayemullah (R.), the 42nd direct descendent and spiritual successor of the Holy Prophet of Islam Hazrat Mohammed (SM) bestowed 43rd Spiritual successor ship upon His Eminency Dr. Hazrat Shah Sufi Mohammad Nurul Alam. The Dayemi Complex has become a symbol of succor to the poor, destitute and distressed. It made a clarion call for rehabilitation of tens of thousands of people rendered homeless due to river erosion, floods, cyclones and other natural calamities. A never-ending rehabilitation process of distressed humanity has been on acceleration under the initiative and dynamic guidance of its chairperson who has fully addressed himself to the Herculean task of upliftment of that section of people who have less. It is no wonder that this spiritual saint could rightly identify the ills his country is infested with.

Bangladesh, the most densely populated country of the World with 120 million people in 54,000 sq. miles of land is also factually the second poorest country in the world. Illiteracy, poverty, unemployment and over-populated are the main factors for her being in such a plight. The agriculture, which accounts for 85% employment of the people, remains primitive with the lowest per acre yield. The growth of an industrial economic base is measurably hindered due to absence of impetus and necessary expertise. The Dayemi Complex Bangladesh upholds that the only panacea for amelioration of peoples sufferings is to evoke a fundamental change in their outlook at grass-root level and this can only be brought about the removal of ignorance from among the vast masses. It has, since founded, more than 100 educational institutions and orphanages throughout the country. It can take pride in its achievement of providing accommodation for more than 3 (three) thousands orphans, irrespective of caste and creed who can devote to conventional, religious, technical and vocational pursuits in the 15 houses of orphans so far built. The schools, colleges and madrashas (religious institutions) established and run under the patronage of the Dayemi Complex have contributed its due share towards betterment of human resources.

The Dayemi complex Bangladesh is carrying out its ambitious ten-year pilot plan (June 2020-2030) for upliftment, rehabilitation and development of the tribal areas, unemployed young men & women, orphan children and disastrous men, women & children throughout Bangladesh and adding to encourage micro-credit program among the distressed social women victims, tribal area, and hill tracks area of Chittagong Division. The DCB is working to provide necessary help and assistance for proper sanitation and supply of pure drinking water throughout the rural areas of Bangladesh also working to promote education for prevention of HIV/AIDS.

The Dayemi Complex Bangladesh UN office New York is officially submitting this proposal for your kind consideration regarding the proposed humanitarian projects of Dayemi Complex in Bangladesh on absolute humanitarian ground. The DCB is working for the following humanitarian projects in Bangladesh:

 Rehabilitation of 3000 Orphans children in 15 Orphanages at rural areas in every 3 years, with facility of education, vocational training for income generating program.

 Rehabilitation of 2000 distressed and social victim Women per year with vocational training for income generating program.

Rehabilitation of 50,000 men & women of Chittagong Divisional Tribal area thru Micro-Credit income generating program with Sonali Unnyan Foundation (SUF).

To provide necessary assistance for proper sanitation, supply of pure drinking water & to educate for prevention of HIV/AIDS thru 200 location of rural area of Bangladesh

 To promote Agricultural development, Fishing and Poultry farming for unemployed young men & women.

 To rehabilitate natural disastrous victim men, women & children of cyclone affected areas.

  • Currently The Dayemi Complex Bangladesh has proposed a Special Pilot Project under Mirsharai Upazila, Chittagong, Bangladesh For Orphan & disaster victimized students of Bangladesh. “Bujhurgo Ummot Nagar” at Nizampur Porgana International Swaleheen Research Center with Modern & Digital Technology to train up Morally, Religious & Spiritually Sufi Masters from the grass root level with practical course of Qaderia, Munaimia, Chistia, Mujjaddedia & Nokshabondia Sufi Orders; Along with a Hi-Tech Modern training center with all logistic facilities as well as A GRAND SWALEHEEN MOSQUE of the Country for the Symbol of Sufism in commemoration of all the Swaleheens and Greatest Sufi Saints who contributed their life for the cause of preaching Islam and Mankind. It may be mentioned here that, in 1800s AD, during the Wahabi Selafi establishment with the legacy of Abdul Wahab Najdi and his gangsters had killed many  Prophet Mohammad (SM) (PBUH)’s descendants, later those victimized descendants and Greatest Sufi Saints had migrated from Saudi Arabia to Yemen, and finally migrated to Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan and East-Pakistan (Bangladesh). Some of them had fought against the illegal occupant East India Company during 1830 AD at the Battle of Balakot, currently it’s a geographical territory of Pakistan. Later those prominent Great Sufi Saints migrated to Nizampur Porgana headed by Great Sufi Saint Hazrat Noor Mohammad Nizampuri (RA) and forefather of Hazrat Maolana Abdul Goni (RA) of Maulihash, Mirsharai, Chittagong along with particularly Hazrat Jorif Miah (RA) of Moghadia, Hazrat Raja Miah (RA) of East Haitkandi (Kochua), Great Sufi Saint of Chotto Daroga Hut Known as Hazrat Bura Moulobi Saab Huzur (RA) with his forefathers and Hazrat Zinnat Ali Miah (RA) of Gachbaria, father of Hazrat Mohammad Miah (RA) of Chotokomoldoh, Mirsharai, as well as forefather of Hazrat Maolana Wali Ahmed (RA) of Mithachara, Mirsharai, Chittagong.

Besides the above, the Dayemi Complex Bangladesh has visualized and initially been working on project profile regarding the useful absorption, integration of beggars and tribal distressed men and women of Chittagong divisional hill tracks into the mainstream of society. The magnitude of social menace as posed by the beggars can hardly be underestimated. The overall improvement of the socio-economic condition of the people depends on complete eradication of beggars problem in accordance the millennium development goal of United Nations proclamation declared by the UN general assembly.

As regards funding and implementations of projects, the Complex depends on its own resources and funds received as donation from benevolent and philanthropic institutions of national and International stature. Constitutionally, it can also depend on their direct participation in the projects.

The Dayemi Complex Bangladesh is now working on national as well as international fields for propagation of faith, unity, discipline, peace and prosperity for the distressed humanity. In order to discharge their functions and to maintain liaison with various World Bodies, Government and Non-Government Agencies, this organization has established its offices at New York, Geneva, Vienna and Addis Ababa and His Eminency Dr. Hazrat Shah Sufi M. N. Alam, President/CEO, of the Dayemi Complex has been designated as Permanent Representative and World Peace Envoy to the United Nations since 1985. 

Because of the expanding gigantic task embarked upon by the Complex with its own meager resources and with a view to run these projects more effectively, we cordially invite your esteemed Foundation/Organization for direct and generous participation in our said economic & humanitarian projects which provide impetus to the poverty stricken, distressed and oppressed people living in sub-human conditions in Bangladesh and regions covering Third World Countries by contributing and, providing material, financial, technical and expertise support to all or any of our socio-economic and welfare projects for eradication of poverty, disease, illiteracy, unemployment, hunger, death and effects of natural calamities, man-made disaster and for protection, welfare and security of the oppressed humanity.

The Dayemi Complex Bangladesh had established more 100 Educational Institute along 7 International standard Orphanages around the country, which includes, Amirahbad Sufiya Aliya Madrasha and Examination Center of Loha Gara Chittagong, Bangladesh. The world dignified individuals like Chief Imam of Makkah-tul-makkarrama & Chief Justice of Saudi Arabia Sheikh Shobhail Bin Abdullah, Sheikh Taha of Makkah Chairman of Al-Quran Research center of Makkah, KSA along with the diplomats, ambassadors as well as world renown intellectuals had attended the inaugural ceremony. There are more than 3000 orphan students all throughout 7 orphanages which also includes 15000 students.

  • Amirabad Sufia Dayemia Muslim Orphanage and Sufia Madrasa, (Degree Level) & Education Examination Center, P.O. Amirabad Madrasa, P. S. Luha Gara, Dist. Chittagong, Bangladesh.
  • Ibrahim Pur Sufi Azmatullah Oprhanage, Madrasa & Mosque, Thana. Nabinagar, Dist. B-Baria. Bangladesh
  • Sufiabad Abu Musa Kalimullah Orphanage, Madrasa, School & Mosque, Village. Charamba, P.S. Luhagara, Dist. Chittagong, Bangladesh
  • Demoshia Sufi Abu Mohammad Obaidullah Orphanage, Village: Demosia, P.S. Chokoria, Dist. Coxes Bazar, Bangladesh
  • Dumrakandi Dayemia Orphanage, village: Dumrakandi, P.S. Bancharampur, Dist. B-baria, Bangladesh
  • Manikgong Sufi Nurullah Orphanage & Madrasa, Village: Gorpara, P.S. Manikgonj, Dist. Manikgonj, Bangladesh
  • Satbaria Shah Amanatullah Orphanage, P.S. Chandanaish, Dist. Chittagong, Bangladesh